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Guidance for drafters of risk profiles on consideration of toxicological interactions when evaluating chemicals proposed for listing - Qualitative literature-based approach to assessing mixture toxicity under Annex E

… Qualitative literature-based approach to assessing mixture toxicity under Annex E I. Introduction 1. Mixtures in the … and is based on the state-of-the art knowledge on mixture toxicity. 3. The basic scheme for assessing the combined … and response additivity (independent action). 7. Mixture toxicity of substances that act through a common mode of …
12 Jul 2024 Document

Climate Change and POPs: Predicting the Impacts

… in the environment 30 5.2.2. Effects of temperature on toxicity and toxicokinetics 31 5.2.3. Effects of salinity on toxicity 32 5.2.4. Effects of pH on toxicity 32 5.2.5. Effects of UV-radiation on toxicity 32 …
12 Jul 2024 Document

Chemicals for a sustainable future; Report of the EEA Scientific Committee Seminar (Copenhagen, 17 May 2017)

… future © Ybele Hoogeveen mobility, bioaccumulation and toxicity. Through a combination of data sets and read-across … an overall sustainability of chemicals in relation to toxicity, energy and resource efficiency. Legal standards for … to mixtures of chemicals, and an evolved understanding of toxicity, such as low-dose effects of endocrine disrupters. …
12 Jul 2024 Document

UNEP - Our Planet Magazine - Making Our Future Chemical Safe - Edition from Sept 2015

… has also been formed to test, monitor and assess the toxicity of chem- icals, and develop substitutes. Besides … have non- sensitizing, non-irritating qualities with low toxicity to humans; and minimal odour and colour, among other …
12 Jul 2024 Document

PIC Chemicals An Introduction to the Chemicals Listed in the Rotterdam Convention that are Subject to the Iinternational Legally-binding Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Procedure

… and skin sensitisation in workers and exhibited very high toxicity to fish and moderate to very high toxicity to freshwater invertebrates. It also has the … as a result of animal studies that showed high acute toxicity, high risks of birth defects and male sterility. HS …
12 Jul 2024 Document

Ridding the world of POPs - A guide to the Stockholm Convention on POPs

… stressors on the release, transport, distribution and toxicity of POPs. • It sets a first goal of ending the … stressors on the release, transport, distribution and toxicity of POPs. • It sets a first goal of ending the …
12 Jul 2024 Document in Chemicals and Waste

Handbook of working procedures and policy guidance for the Chemical Review Committee

… as well as its formulations are based on oral or dermal toxicity. According to the WHO guideline, the route which … hazardous) Classification based on oral or dermal toxicity in rats LD50: (WHO reference) Formulations a.i. (%) … adverse effects in the aquatic environment) US EPA Toxicity Class I (formulation) (EPA reference) 4.2. Exposure …
12 Jul 2024 Document

Recycling used lead-acid batteries: health considerations (WHO)

… the recycling process is done with little knowledge of the toxicity of lead, and is conducted under poor conditions of … cause toxic effects but it becomes a potential source of toxicity when metabolic changes cause more rapid release. … children are particularly vulnerable to the neurological toxicity of lead and this is the main reason that lead is of …
12 Jul 2024 Document

GUIDANCE on feasible flame-retardant alternatives to commercial pentabromodiphenyl ether - 2009 (UNEP/POPS/COP.4/INF24)

… Toxicological studies have demonstrated reproductive toxicity, neurodevelopmental toxicity and effects on thyroid hormones in aquatic organisms … of long-range environmental transport and demonstrated toxicity in a range of non-human species, to cause …
12 Jul 2024 Document

The 16 New POPs - An introduction to the chemicals added to the Stockholm Convention as Persistent Organic Pollutants by the Conference of the Parties

… harmful to human as neuroendocrine and developmental toxicity has been observed. Use and production HBCD has been … Its use has been significantly declined due to the high toxicity of PCP and its slow biodegradation. It is first … to undergo long-range transport and also fulfills the toxicity criteria of the Stockholm Convention. Use and …
12 Jul 2024 Document