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PIC Chemicals An Introduction to the Chemicals Listed in the Rotterdam Convention that are Subject to the Iinternational Legally-binding Prior Informed Consent (PIC) Procedure

… Widespread production and use of this post-emergent herbicide were curtailed in the 1970’s due to contamination … PCP was used as a wood preservative, general disinfectant, herbicide and insecticide. Its uses were curtailed as early …
02 Aug 2021 Document

Plant protection legislation

… and use of herbicides give the definition, inter alia, of "herbicide". 4. INSTITUTIONAL ORGANIZATION Enforcement of the … prohibition of the sale of contaminatd plants; control of herbicide application, pesticides and fertilizers; granting …
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Compendiums on Human Rights and the Environment - Selected International legal materials and cases (Advanced Version)

… Aerial Herbicide Spraying (Ecuador v. Colombia) … O N A L L E G A L M A T E R I A L S A N D C A S E S aerial herbicide spraying (ecuador v. colombia) order (september 13, … beginning in 2000, aerial fumigations of a strong herbicide containing glyphosate were sprayed across the …
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E2 - Prevention of Aquifer Pollution

02 Aug 2021 Course lesson in Environmental Governance

Guidance to Designated National Authorities on the operation of the Rotterdam Convention

… is used throughout and refers to the chemical product (herbicide, insecticide, etc). For those incidents involving … were used at the same time (e.g. tank mix of a herbicide and a fungicide) c. Please list the individual … 8. What was the intended use (please tick) o Insecticide o Herbicide o Tick control o Rodenticide o Fungicide o Unknown …
02 Aug 2021 Document

First report on the protection of the atmosphere

… the river’s aquatic environment). Furthermore, the Aerial Herbicide Spraying case (Ecuador v. Colombia) brought to the … evidence when settling environmental disputes. 48. Aerial Herbicide Spraying case. The Aerial Herbicide Spraying case was squarely concerned with alleged …
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Guidance for identifying and designating peatlands, wet grasslands, mangroves and coral reefs as Wetlands of International Importance

… fertilizer, change from hay-making to silage, re-seeding, herbicide use, conversion to arable land, higher stocking …
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Report of the ad hoc technical expert group on risk assessment and risk management under the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety

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The SHPF toolkit - A toolkit to help you to monitor and report incidents of pesticide poisoning caused by Severely Hazardous Pesticide Formulations in your country under Article 6 of the Rotterdam Convention

… be removed by a further harrow pass, reducing the need for herbicide spraying. encouraging natural control: this …
02 Aug 2021 Document

Global Land Outlook

… they often spray again just before harvesting with the herbicide glyphosate to desiccate the crop, which saves them … applied to make crops more tolerant of herbicides. These herbicide-resistant genetically-modified (GM) crops now use 56 per cent of total glyphosate use,204 and increased herbicide tolerance means that farmers are likely 136 UNCCD | …
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