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In the context of biological terrorism, biosecurity refers to the preventative measures, systems and practices put into its place at dangerous pathogens and toxins for malicious use. (Source: Meyerson L.A. et al., A unified definition of biosecurity, 2001)
Involves protecting dangerous pathogens and toxins – the basic building blocks of a biological weapon (BW) – against theft or malicious diversion from bioscience institutions.(Source: UNTERM)
Management of all biological and environmental risks associated with the environment, including food and agriculture. (Source: Faolex)
Preventative procedures of meaures designed to reuce therisk of transmission of infectious diseases in crops and livestock, quarantined pests, invasive alien species, and living modified organisms. (Source: Koblentz G. D., Fom biodefence to biosecurity: the Obamas administration strategy for countering biological threats, 2012


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Development of an analytical tool to assess national biosecurity legislation

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