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Tehran Convention

The Tehran Convention is the first regional legally binding instrument signed by all five Caspian littoral states. It serves as an overarching governance framework which lays down the general requirem...
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Review of Migratory Chondrichthyan Fishes - TS No. 15

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Barcelona Convention, 1976

The Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea Against Pollution (the Barcelona Convention) was adopted on 16 February 1976 by the Conference of Plenipotentiaries of the Coastal States of ...
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Conserving cetaceans and manatees in the western African region - TS No. 26

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Guidelines on Environmental Impact Assessment in a Transboundary Context in the Caspian Sea Region

Produced by UNEP, the Convention, EBRD and the Caspian Environment Programme. The purpose of the guidelines is to provide operational tools to implement EIA in a transboundary context in the Caspian S...
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Vital Caspian Graphics - Challenges beyond Caviar

We often associate the Caspian Sea with caviar that is legally or illegally finding its way to our tables, but overlook the footprints left by a number of industries installed on shores of the Caspian...
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Vital Caspian Graphics - Opportunities, Aspirations and Challenges

The Caspian Sea region has witnessed important developments in the past decade and many opportunities are still available. The region is a major supplier of hydrocarbons to the world market, and will ...
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PERSGA Training & Capacity Building Program 2018

Management of marine and coastal environments is a multidisciplinary task that requires technical, communication and consultation skills as well as strategic planning, risk  management and information...
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The Status of Coral Reefs in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden: 2009

This report presents data from 2008 survey. A total of 36 sites (5 in Djibouti, 8 in Egypt, 3 in Jordan, 9 in Saudi Arabia, 4 in Sudan, 7 in Yemen) were chosen by PERSGA and national team experts. The...
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Guidelines for Compensation Following Damage to Coral Reefs by Ship or Boat Grounding (Part 1)

This report provides historical records of ship grounding incidents and the current legal  framework in each of the PERSGA member countries and then proceeds to suggest a  framework for establishing c...
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