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Orden de 22 de junio de 1999 - Modifica Orden de 11 de marzo de 1999, por la que se adoptan medidas cautelares en relación con la fiebre aftosa.

La presente Norma, que consta de 1 articulo, introduce modificaciones respecto a los animales de compañía, los productos de la pesca y de la acuicultura, la limpieza y desinfección de vehículos, y el ...
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Council Directive 79/373/EEC on the marketing of compound feedingstuffs.

Member States shall prescribe that compound feedingstuffs may be marketed only if they are wholesome, unadulterated and of merchantable quality. They shall also prescribe that compound feedingstuffs m...
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Food Containers Transport Ordinance.

An Ordinance on hygiene requirements for containers used in the transportation of food. The Ordinance consists of 8 articles: Scope of application (1); Use of containers (2); Requirements for food con...
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Regulation on measures for fighting and eradication of swine Trichinella spiralis.

This Regulation provides for the protection of swine health, regulates measures for fighting and eradication of Trichinella spiralis and prescribes rules and duties for animal owners in the case of co...
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Animal Disease Regulations (Exhibitions), 1969.

These Regulations prescribe the need to receive a permit in writing before holding an exhibition of animals (reg. 1). Regulations 2 and 3 establish terms and conditions for the request of a permit and...
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Ordinance on hygiene standards for the placing on the market of fish products and admissible minimum size for fish.

The present Ordinance by the Federal Minister for Agriculture and Forestry, Environment and Water Resources implements various EC directives as listed in article 2. Imported fish products must be moni...
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Meat (Disease Control) (Scotland) Regulations 2000 (S.S.I. No. 288 of 2000).

These Regulations, which extend to Scotland only, amend various Regulations relative to safety of meat in Scotland and thereby give effect in part to the provisions of Council Directives relating to d...
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Ministerial Decree No. 312 providing rules on the use of ethilic alcohol in pre-packaged bread.

This Ministerial Decree establishes when ethilic alcohol may be used in pre-packaged bread. The indication of such treatment shall be indicated on the label. (6 Articles)
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Business Licensing Regulations (Table Eggs Grading Stations), 1994

These Regulations establish provisions for the creation of a grading station and are divided into five chapters. The First Chapter establishes definitions. Chapter B provides for granting or renewal o...
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Control of Goods and Services Order (Construction and Operation of Poultry Pedigree, Grandparent and Breeding and Pullet raising Farms), 1981

These Regulations make provisions for construction and operation of poultry raising farms and are divided into three chapters. Chapter One gives general definitions and provides that any person establ...
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