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Act restricting the application sphere of Swedish law applicable to offences committed by foreign vessels (1996:517).

This Act places restricts on the application of Swedish law as to give effect to provisions of the Law of the Sea Convention of 1982. It applies to offences relative to the pollution of the sea enviro...
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Decree No. 5153-1 of 1993 of the Supreme Soviet regarding putting into effect of the Law "On certification of produce and service".

The Supreme Soviet decrees to put into effect this Law from the date of its official publication. The Government must revise and invalidate the legislative acts of the Ministries, State Committees, Co...
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Pesticide Residue Compensation Act (R.S.C. 1985, c. P-10).

The Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food may pay a farmer compensation for any loss suffered by the farmer as a result of the presence of pesticide residue in or on an agricultural product of that fa...
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Arrêté du 2 février 2001 modifiant l'arrêté du 2 février 1998 relatif aux prélèvements et à la consommation d'eau ainsi qu'aux émissions de toute nature des installations classées pour la protection de l'environnement soumises à autorisation.

Cet arrêté modifie le texte de l'article 62 de l'arrêté qui fixe les prescriptions applicables aux prélèvements et à la consommation d'eau ainsi qu'aux émissions de toute nature de...
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Federal Law No. 89-FZ on industrial and consumer waste.

This Federal Law determines the legal aspects of the treatment of industrial and consumer waste products for the purpose of the prevention hazardous impact of industrial and consumer waste products on...
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Real Decreto Nº 376/2001 - Modifica el Real Decreto Nº 1.415/2000, que desarrolla la estructura orgánica básica del Ministerio de Medio Ambiente.

El presente Real Decreto determina cuál ha de ser el órgano estatal competente para realizar las nuevas funciones derivadas de la modificación de la legislación de impacto ambiental, y reconoce al Ins...
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Decree of 1917 on land.

The Decree establishes that: 1). Landlord property rights are abolished immediately without any compensation. 2). Landlord country property, as well as other appanage land, monastic land and ecclesias...
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Land Code, Law No. 226-Z of 1999.

Land relationship in the Republic of Belarus is regulated by the Constitution, Presidential Decrees, by this Code and other Legislative Acts that implement it. Civil Code regulations are applicable to...
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Water Code (No. 191-Z of 1998).

This Water Code regulates the relationship originating from ownership, use and management of water resources and is directed at the creation of conditions for rational water uses and protection of wat...
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Federal Law FZ - 101 on state regulation of securing fertility of agricultural land.

This Federal Law establishes the legal basis for state regulation of securing fertility of agricultural land. The purpose of this law is to establish the legal foundations for state regulation of secu...
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