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Law No. 708 of 1998 creating a natural protected area in the zone of Jeftlik Ras Alain-Tyre.

This Law decrees the creation of a natural protected area on surface of 3.883.253 square metres in the zone of Jeftlik Ras Alain in the province of Tyre. Furthermore, it extends on the sandy coast in ...
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Resolution No. 188/1 of 1998 declaring the area of the Araqa River a protected area.

In conformity with Laws No. 667 of 29 December 1997 and Law of 8 July 1939 on the protection of panorama, landscapes and natural localities, this Resolution decrees the course of the Araqa River a nat...
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Law No. 20 of 28 March 2006 establishing the Sea Navigation Chamber.

The aim of this Law is to improve, develop and modernize the sea navigation sector. It is composed of 4 Chapters divided into 19 articles. Chapter I gives terms and definitions. Chapter II deals with ...
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Resolution No. 24/Tof 2008 on environmental tourism.

The aim of this Resolution is to regulate the environmental tourism. It is composed of 16 articles and 1 Annex. Article 1 gives terms and definitions. Articles 3 and 4 deal with establishment of a com...
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Resolution No. 454 of 2005 declaring the Manbaj Spring a protected area.

The purpose of this Resolution is to declare the Manbaj Spring a protected area, to define its boundaries and to prevent pollution in the area. This Resolution is composed of 9 articles. Articles 1-3 ...
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Resolution No. 1849 of 2004 declaring 17 April Dam Lake a protected area.

The purposes of this Resolution are to declare the 17 April Dam Lake a protected area, to define its boundaries and to prevent pollution. The Resolution is composed of 7 articles. Article 1 delineates...
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Resolution No. 606 of the Ministry of Irrigation defining the boundaries of Ghazala Spring and designating it as a protected area in order to prevent pollution.

This Resolution is composed of 6 articles. The Ghazal Spring located in the Province of Diraá, with boundaries defined as in the topographic map kept by competent departments, is to be considered a pr...
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Cooperation Agreement between Bahrain and Kuwait in the field of tourism ratified by Decree No. 45 of 2009.

This Agreement is composed of 12 articles. Articles 1 to 9 invite the Parties to encourage the cooperation in the field of tourism by: protection of natural zones and sites and development of tourism ...
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Law No. 21 of 2007 on the control of substances that deplete the ozone layer.

The purpose of this Law is to prevent emissions of substances that result in depletion of the stratospheric ozone layer. This Law forbids the import and export of controlled substances and materials a...
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Republican Resolution on Law No. 11 of 1993 on the environmental protection against pollution.

This Law is composed of 7 Sections divided into 47 articles. Section I deals with terms and definitions. Sea pollution is dealt with in Section II. Registration, information and insurance conditions f...
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