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Oceans Act of 1992.

The purposes of this title are to establish a partnership among the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, designated State agencies, and private organizations and individuals: (1) to carry out wild...
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Elwha River Ecosystem and Fisheries Restoration Act.

The Secretary is authorized and directed, subject to the appropriation of funds therefor, to take such actions as are necessary to implement: (1) the definite plan referred to in section 3(c)(2) for t...
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Aboriginal Communal Fishing Licences Regulations (S.O.R./93-332).

Regulations respecting fishing carried on in accordance with aboriginal communal fishing licences. Regulation 3 sets out the application sphere of these Regulations. They do not apply to fishing in na...
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Wilderness Areas, Ecological Reserves, Natural Areas and Heritage Rangelands Act (RSA 2000, c. W-9).

The areas of land described in the Schedule to this Act are established as wilderness areas. The Lieutenant Governor in Council, in order to preserve public lands for ecological purposes, may by regul...
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Wildlife Act (RSA 2000, c. W-10).

An Act to make provision with respect to wildlife in Alberta and to regulate hunting and the commerce in and possession of wild animals. "Wildlife" means big game, birds of prey, fur-bearing...
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Indian Cut-off Lands Disputes Act ([RSBC 1996] Chapter 218).

This Act makes provision for agreements between the Government and Indian bands (as defined by the Indian Act) for the purposes of resolving and extinguishing claims asserted by an Indian band and the...
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Wildlife Regulation (Alta Reg. 143/97).

A Regulation to provide for the protection of wildlife, the establishment or continuation of protected areas, to regulate hunting and related activities, to regulate activities in protected areas, and...
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Mineral Resources Act, 1985 (S.S.1984-85-86, c. M-16.1).

The purpose of the present Act is to regulate the exploration and the development, conservation and management of mineral resources. The Act contains at the outset a definition clause relating to vari...
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Willmore Wilderness Park Act (RSA 2000, c. W-11).

Section 1 of the present Act establishes that all land within the area described in the Schedule is hereby established as a park to be known as “Willmore Wilderness Park”. The Park is dedicated to the...
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Agreement with respect to Kanesatake governance of the interim land base.

The purpose of this Agreement is to: a) record the Agreement of the parties for Canada to act on its intention to recommend to Parliament that the Kanesatake Mohawk Lands be reserved as lands reserved...
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