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Wildlife Management Act No. 114.

The purpose of this Act is to ensure the species and singular stock of wildlife, and create a basis for proper management of wildlife resources and in particular: to protect wild animals, especially i...
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Act relative to hunting.

This Act regulates hunting, catch, and killing of non-protected wild animals and provides for protection of wild animals, the compensation of damages caused by wild animals and the control of dogs (se...
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Federal Law No. 27-FZ of 1995 on Underground Resources.

This Law establishes that those underground resources within the territory of the Russian Federation, including subsoil domain and mineral resources contained therein are state property. Therefore, su...
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Ministerial Decree No. 457 relating to special state institutions in the area of protection, supervision and regulation of wildlife species and their habitats.

This Ministerial Decree sanctions the legal status of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Natural Resources, the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Federal Fisheries Committee and the Fede...
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Decree relative to the management of bears, glutton, wolves and lynxes (No. 656 of 2000).

This Decree of the Ministry of the Environment aims at the survival of a sufficient stock of bears, wolves, and other predatory animals and with this framework at limiting damage caused by these anima...
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Ministerial Decree No. 1454-P on improving the activity of the users of hunting facilities and hunting areas in the field of protection and reproduction of wildlife species.

This Ministerial Decree recommends to the local regional authorities the concession to the users of hunting facilities and hunting areas the hunting reserves for a period of not less than 25 years. Th...
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Presidential Decree No. 1217 concerning management and conservation of the natural reserve complex "Zavidovo" administered by the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation.

Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, which sanctions the legal status of the natural reserve complex "Zavidovo", considered as equal to a national park, and classified as prote...
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Oceans Act of 1992.

The purposes of this title are to establish a partnership among the United States Fish and Wildlife Service, designated State agencies, and private organizations and individuals: (1) to carry out wild...
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Elwha River Ecosystem and Fisheries Restoration Act.

The Secretary is authorized and directed, subject to the appropriation of funds therefor, to take such actions as are necessary to implement: (1) the definite plan referred to in section 3(c)(2) for t...
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Ministerial Decree No. 769 of 1993 regarding the validation of the Regulation on the National Parks.

The Government decrees to validate the Regulation. National Parks are institutions for environmental protection, territories (defined areas of water) that include natural habitats and objects of parti...
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