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Decision of the Prime Minister Approving the Biodiversity Action Plan for Vietnam.

This text contains rules to implement the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act recently approved by the National assembly, and it implements principles and provisions of the Convention on Bi...
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Statute of natural parks and natural reserves association branches.

The Association Branch is a mass organization, rallying all scientific and technical officers and those who are working in and outside the national parks and national reserves who wish to contribute t...
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Law on Environmental Protection and Natural Resource Management.

The Act provides for a national environment policy, national and regional environment plans, assessment of impact on the environment of projects and activities, management of natural resources, monito...
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Instruction of the Ministry of Forestry regarding promotion of willdife protection (No.551 LN/KL).

This Instruction of the Ministry of Forestry, in order to implement provisions of the Law on Forest Protection and Development of 1991, proposes a variety of measures to protect wildlife in Vietnam, i...
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Forestry Restructuring and Nature Conservation Act 1995.

This Act, consisting of 13 sections, concerns payments out of the Environmental Trust Fund for purposes of covering: Expenditure for the purpose of implementing a program of forest industry restructur...
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Coastal Regulation Zone (Amendment) Notification.

A new definition of High Tidal Line is introduced: "For the purposes of this notification, the High Tide Line means the line on the land up to which the highest water line reaches during the spri...
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Forestry Act 1920.

An Act to provide for management and conservation of forests in Tasmania.
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Law of the People's Republic of China on Water and Soil Conservation.

This Law is formulated for the purpose of the prevention and control of soil erosion, the protection and rational utilisation of water and soil resources, the mitigation of disasters of flood, drought...
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Australian Heritage Commission Act.

There is established by section 6 of this Act a Commission by the name of the Australian Heritage Commission. The functions of the Commission include: (a) on its own motion or on the request of the Mi...
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Great Barrier Reef Region (Prohibition of Mining) Regulations 1999.

These Regulations prohibit carrying on of mining operation, or research for a mining operation, in the "relevant area". "Relevant area" is a specified area of the Great Barrier Ree...
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