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Ley Nº 27262 - Ley general de semillas.

La presente Ley, que consta de 9 títulos, 35 artículos, 3 disposiciones finales, 4 transitorias y 1 derogatoria, declara de interés nacional las actividades de obtención, producción, abastecimiento y ...
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Decree-Law No. 213/90 establishing the legal regime governing breeders' rights in new plant varieties.

This Decree-Law establishes the legal regime governing breeders' rights in new plant varieties. Breeders' rights may be accorded solely in respect of those plant varieties which, according t...
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Order of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers urgent measures to stop immediately deforestation (No. 90-CT).

This Order decrees drastic measures to stop further damage to forest resources: the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism and the Ministry of Forestry shall at once stop the issuance of export licenses for...
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Plant Breeders' Rights Act (S.C. 1990, c. 20).

The varieties of plants in respect of which this Act provides for the granting of plant breeders' rights are restricted to those varieties belonging to prescribed categories and found by the Comm...
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Plant Varieties (Proprietary Rights) (Amendment) Act, 1998.

In section 1 a new definition of "variety" is inserted: "variety":" a plant grouping within a single botanical taxon of the lowest known rank, which grouping, irrespective of ...
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Legislative Decree No. 455 setting out the rules for the implementation of the Act amending the International Convention for the Protection of the New Varieties of Plant.

This Decree sets out the rules for the recognition and protection of new varieties of plants. In terms of Article 1 national norms on intellectual property will be applied to new varieties of plants. ...
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Order of the President of the Republic of Georgia on establishment of an Interdepartmental Export Board for Licensing of use of Plant Resources (Including Forests) in Georgia (No. 64).

For purposes of managing the rational use of natural plant resources available in Georgia in a market economy, a interdepartmental Board is established in the Ministry of Environment protection and Na...
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Regional Act No. 42 on forestry.

This Act regulates interventions in matter of better exploitation of the soil, of the environment and of agri-sylvipastoral resources. For this purpose there shall be a rational selvicultural manageme...
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Executive Order No. 116 reorganising the Ministry of Agriculture and Food.

This Decree defines the agricultural policy of the Philippines and renames the Ministry of Agriculture and Food is hereby as Ministry of Agriculture. It shall be the policy of the State to promote the...
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Ministerial Decree No. 918 implementing the Law on the protection of selection achievements.

In accordance with the Law on the protection of selection achievements the Government decrees to validate the Regulation on royalties for issuing patents for selection achievements and the List of pla...
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