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Ley Nº 27262 - Ley general de semillas.

La presente Ley, que consta de 9 títulos, 35 artículos, 3 disposiciones finales, 4 transitorias y 1 derogatoria, declara de interés nacional las actividades de obtención, producción, abastecimiento y ...
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Decision No. 251/1998/QD-TTg on the ratification of the Program for Developing the Export of Aquatic Products up to 2005.

This Decision of the Prime Minister ratifies a program for the development of the fish industry and exportation of aquatic products valid until the year 2005. It defines also the objectives of the Pro...
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Border Management Agency Act, 1999 (No. 50 of 1999).

An Act to establish a Border Management Agency for the administration of Belize's border points with other countries and to provide for matters connected therewith and incidental thereto. A Borde...
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Circular No. 02/1999/TT-BM guiding the re-exportation of log timber with a lawful import origin from Cambodia.

This Circular of the Ministry of Trade concerns the permission to re-export timber originating form natural or planted forests of Cambodia by all enterprises that hold business registration certificat...
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Decree prohibiting the sale and importation of certain food made from pigs or poultry raised in Belgium (No. 308 of 2000).

The scope of this Decree is to prohibit placing on the market or importation in Norway of food products specified in article 1 if they are made of animals that are reared in Belgium in the period afte...
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Decree to amend the Decree relative to animal health requirements in relation with the importation of animals of the equine species (No. 315 of 2000).

The Decree aims at the prevention of diseases affecting tame and wild animals of the equine species including zebras, donkeys, and crossbreeds. It established requirements for importation and exportat...
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Decree No. 380 of 2000 to amend the Decree to regulate the exportation of fish and fish products.

The Export Committee for Fish, established under section 5, shall be principally an advisory body to the Department of Fisheries and be responsible for registration under section 1. The section here a...
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Ordonnance sur la lutte contre le pou de San José, le feu bactérien et les viroses des arbres fruitiers présentant un danger général.

Ordonnance sur la lutte contre le pou de San Jousé, le feu bactérien et les viroses des arbres fruitiers présentant un danger générale. Plus précisement les dispositions de la présente ordonnance s&#0...
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Resolución Nº 239 - Directrices para la expedición de certificados fitosanitarios.

La presente Resolución adopta los procedimientos armonizados para la expedición de los certificados fitosanitarios para la exportación y reexportación de plantas y productos vegetales.
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Resolución Nº 240 - Reglamento andino relativo a los permisos fitosanitarios de importación.

La presente Resolución dispone que los países miembros utilizaran el permiso fitosanitario de importación como el documento oficial expedido por la autoridad nacional competente (ANC) de la organizaci...
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