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Die rechtlichen Rahmenbedingungen eines Bundes-Wasserentnahmeentgeltgesetzes

Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany | Literature

Geothermiebohrungen: Zulassungen und Haftung

Berlin, Heidelberg, Germany | Literature

Transparencies in Legalities: a legal analysis of the reason-giving requirement in water management permitting in Finland

Helsinki, Finland | 31 Dec 2015 Literature

The Omission of Materials Separation Requirements from Air Standards for Municipal Waste Incinerators: EPA 's Commitment to Recycling up in Flames

Cambridge, MA, USA | Literature

Conflicting Values: The Religious Killing of Federally Protected Wildlife

Albuquerque, NM, USA | Literature

Property rights, endangered species, wetlands, and other critters: Is it against nature to pay for a taking?

Laramie, WY, USA | Literature

Clean air around the world: National and international approaches to air pollution control (second edition)

Brighton, UK | 31 Dec 1990 Literature

EPA 's Title V operating permit rules: The blueprint for state permitting programs

Chicago, IL, USA | Literature

THORP and after: Challenging state decisions

London, UK, Europe | Literature

Assessing point source discharge permit trading: Case study in controlling selenium discharges to the San Francisco Bay Estuary

Berkeley, CA, USA | Literature