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Land degradation and soil protection

Land Degradation Neutrality: implications and opportunities for conservation - Nature based solutions to desertification, land degradation and drought

… Land Degradation Neutrality: implications and opportunities for … and complexity of land, reducing carbon storage in soil and vegetation, driving the loss of biodiversity and … services. Reduced ecosystem function, and in particular soil quantity and fertility, decreases ecosystem resilience. …
05 Dec 2021 Literature

Developing a Global Soil Regime

… 1, 2015 International Journal of Rural Law and Policy Soil governance DEVELOPING A GLOBAL SOIL REGIME Ben Boer Distinguished Prof RIEL, Wuhan … loss of biodiversity, desertification, drought, and land degradation have become more prominent. While biodiversity …
05 Dec 2021 Literature

Drafting legislation for sustainable soils: A guide

… by: IUCN Publications Services Unit Front cover photo: Soil degradation and reclamation at Kjolur, Iceland, Dr Andres Arnalds, Soil Conservation Institute, Iceland. Back cover photo: …
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Legal and institutional frameworks for sustainable soils: A preliminary report

… by: IUCN Environmental Law Centre Front cover photo: Soil degradation in China, Prof Wang Xi, Wuhan University, China … Montevideo Programme III 5 5. Specific Requirements for Soil Law Reform 6 Section 2 7 II. BACKGROUND 9 1. Soil and …
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3rd UNCCD Scientific Conference: Book of abstracts

… 2015, Cancún, Mexico “Combating desertifi cation/land degradation and drought for poverty reduction and sustainable … seed systems Workshop 2.2: Agro-ecosystems Workshop 2.3: Soil and water issues Workshop 2.4: Knowledge and knowledge … 39 NEXUS AMONG WATER, SOIL, FOOD AND BIODIVERSITY IN MEXICO OSWALD-SPRING, URSULA …
05 Dec 2021 Document in Climate and Atmosphere

Law, Policy and Dryland Ecosystems in the People's Republic of China

… 28 Chapter 3 Land degradation and desertification in Western PRC … 31 3.2 Definition of land degradation and desertification … ................ 64 4.4.3 Preventing and controlling soil erosion … 107 6.3.6 Establishing a water and soil conservation system … of LD processes including severe wind and water erosion, soil nutrient losses, waterlogging, salinization, river …
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Global Land Outlook

… Partners GLO Contributing Partners THE ECONOMICS OF LAND DEGRADATION The objective of the United Nations Convention to … Agriculture 124 8 Water Resources 160 9 Biodiversity and Soil 190 10 Energy and Climate 212 11 Urbanization 226 12 … with the earth. We are losing far too quickly the water, soil, and biodiversity that support all life. At a time when …
05 Dec 2021 Literature

Restoring Forest Landscapes - An introduction to the art and science of forest landscape restoration

… case of Vietnam ................................76 7 8.3 Soil fertility constrains rehabilitation choices … situation can be quite different. Deforestation and forest degradation have altered many of the world’s tropical forest … in ecological terms, characterized as they are by low soil fertility and poor soil structure, soil erosion, the …
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Sustainably Investing in Rangelands - Jordan

… biodiversity). This strategy involves halt range- land›s degradation by minimizing its underlying causes through … SDG Sustainable Development Goals ISRIC International Soil Reference and Information Centre SLM Sustainable Land … Range Management JCA Jordan Cooperative Association S&WC Soil & Water Conservation LDN Land Degradation Neutrality …
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