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Case Study - Inland Wetlands in India

… N H Ravindranath, Haripirya Gundimeda, Indu K Murthy Inland Wetlands: Ritesh Kumar Coastal and Marine Ecosystems: … from Kanha-Pench corridor, central India 32 CHAPTER 3 Inland Wetlands 35 CASE STUDIES conservation and sustainable … for sustainable management of water resources 50 Ousteri wetland, Puducherry 52 53 Jammu and Kashmir 55 CHAPTER 4 …
11 Apr 2021 Document in Biological Diversity

Wetlands, water and the law. Using law to advance wetland conservation and wise use

… Centre Wetlands, Water and the Law Using law to advance wetland conservation and wise use Clare Shine and Cyrille de … Management.... 67 Jurisdictional Barriers in Inland Water Systems 67 Jurisdictional Barriers in … Reserves 133 10.2.1 Linear River Parks (Italy) 133 10.2.2 Inland Bogs and Forested Wetlands (New Jersey Pinelands, …
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World Wetlands Day 2017 Factsheet 1: Wetlands: A natural safeguard against disasters

… than $625 million in damages from Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Inland, wetlands act as a natural sponge, absorbing and … park, the damage from the 2004 tsunami extended just 50m inland. In nearby Peraliya, where coral mining had degraded the reefs, the damage extended 1.5 km inland. 3. Bouncing back Wetlands can also speed up the …
11 Apr 2021 Document

Introduction to the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

… and mining, even if occurring many hundreds of kilometres inland, often lead to widespread erosion and thereby large … marine life, including gulfs and coastal areas, but not inland waters. The course has a special focus on marine …
11 Apr 2021 Course lesson in Biological Diversity

World Wetlands Day 2017 Factsheet 2: Five wetlands that help us cope with extreme weather events

… floodplains. If these are left intact- with their related inland lakes and swamps - they can act as a giant reservoir. … water over a wide area, reducing damage downstream. 4. Inland deltas When rivers flow into a wide, flat inland lake … climate change. Yangtze River: ‘soft’ flood control with a wetland ecosystem Prone to monsoon flooding, the Yangtze …
11 Apr 2021 Document

Document - The Ramsar Convention on Wetlands: its History and Development

… throughout the world which have designated almost 600 wetland sites onto the Ramsar List of Wetlands of … of peat bogs and swamps in the USSR, as well as the inland seas, the great lakes and thousands of smaller ones. … were specified: 1) seasonally flooded basins or flats, 2) inland fresh meadows, 3) inland shallow or 4) deep fresh …
11 Apr 2021 Document in Biological Diversity

Culture and wetlands: A Ramsar guidance document

… of activities and values 35 3.2 Cultural aspects of wetland-related activities 38 4. Technical guidance on … activities 43 4.1 Habitation 43 4.2 Primary use of wetland resources 46 4.3 Secondary use of wetland resources … cerning their approaches to criteria and classification of inland water ecosystems was con- sidered by CBD COP6 (April …
11 Apr 2021 Document

Cultural Heritage Information Pack: 6 Cultural heritage -- Wetlands -- a cultural landscape

… Coastal and even some inland wetlands have supplied salt to human populations for … products, salt has been of economic significance to wetland communities throughout history. The saltmarshes of … salt mining activities. In coastal areas, and also farther inland, salt is extracted through evaporation of water with a …
11 Apr 2021 Document

Ramsar Technical Report 7: Ramsar Wetland Disease Manual

… on Wetlands Ramsar Technical Report No. 7 Ramsar Wetland Disease Manual Guidelines for Assessment, Monitoring … fish harvest is linked to the health of coastal and inland wetland areas); � Agriculture, through the maintenance … independently of any infected areas. In the instance of an inland area that shares common water sources, the minimum …
11 Apr 2021 Document

Guidance for identifying and designating peatlands, wet grasslands, mangroves and coral reefs as Wetlands of International Importance

… of peatland, wet grassland, mangrove, and coral reef wetland types as Wetlands of International Importance (Ramsar … of K (coastal freshwater lagoons). b) They may occur as an Inland wetland, primarily under U (Non-forested peatlands) … peatlands). c) Peat soils also may be present in all other Inland wetland categories except: M (Permanent …
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