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Bans or benefit? New York's fractious debate over hydraulic fracking

Oxon, United Kingdom | Literature

Between a rock and a hard place: climate impacts, geoengineering and the precautionary principle

Oxon, United Kingdom | Literature

Developments in environmental reporting and the rise of environmental and social governance

Oxon, United Kingdom | Literature

A world view of wild law

Oxon, United Kingdom | Literature

Agriculture in the international climate negotiation: supporting sustainable development or just dubious emission reductions?

Bonn | 31 Dec 2011 Literature

Opinión: El Cambio Climático: Reflexiones tras la cumbre de Varsovia

Madrid, Spain | 31 Dec 2013 Literature
Скачать: [ MON-088293.pdf ]

Why access and benefit sharing policy and legal frameworks are important for Africa

Nairobi, Kenya | 31 Dec 2011 Literature

From Bilateral to Multilateral Law-making: Legislation, Practice, Evolution and the Future of Inter Se Agreements in the WTO

Oxford, U.K. | Literature

Establishing and understanding post-2020 climate change mitigation commitments

Paris, France | 31 Dec 2012 Literature

Assessing barriers and solutions to financing adaptation projects in Africa

31 Dec 2012 Literature