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Law No.3 of 1984 on Agricultural Land Reclamation.

This Law consisting of 56 articles divided in V Sections aims at establishing a land reclamation project to irrigate the land and prepare it for being cultivated. The Minister of Irrigation in agreeme...
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Resolution No. 11038/W of 2002 establishing the Central Committee for Afforestation.

This Resolution is composed of 4 articles. Article 1 provides for the Establishment of the Central Committee for Afforestation formed by the Minister of Agriculture and Land Reclamation as a president...
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Resolution No. 144/W of 2003 amending Resolution No. 11038/W on the establishment of the Central Committee for Afforestation.

This Resolution amends Article 2 of Resolution No. 11038/W as follows: “the Committee shall be responsible for the following projects related to the operation of afforestation and reclamation through ...
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Republican Resolution No.160 of 2008 regulating the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation.

This Regulation consisting of 37 articles divided in IV Chapters aims at the development and proper utilization of agricultural resources and capacity of the State to meet the needs of citizens and th...
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