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Mountain biological diversity

Decision   in Biodiversity

Law No. 7875 on hunting and protection of wildlife.

This Law establishes the basic legislation for hunting. It consists of 5 chapters specifying the requirements in order to perform hunting activity, establishing protected measures for certain animal s...

Resolución Nº 3/MINAE/SINAC/FONAFIFO - Manual de procedimientos para el pago de servicios ambientales.

El presente Manual de procedimientos para el pago de servicios ambientales, que consta de 10 numerales y 19 anexos, tiene como objetivo establecer los procedimientos que se aplicaran en el pago de los...

Game Act.

This Act provides rules for the management and conservation of game in Swaziland. "Game" includes royal game, large game and small game and the carcass, sinks, bones or horns of any head of ...

Game (Amendment) Act, 1991 (Act No. 4 of 1991).

The amendments here made to the principal Act deal with various matters including: temporary protection of game (sect. 4); sanctuaries (sect. 6); prohibition of hunting and dealing in specially protec...

Fauna and Flora Protection Ordinance.

Part I (sects. 2 to 11) makes provision for the establishment of national reserves, and sanctuaries and related matters. Areas of National Reserves may be classified as Strict Natural Reserves, Nation...

Ministerial Decree No. 553 regulating commerce of furs and fur clothes.

This Ministerial Decree prohibits by law commerce of furs and fur clothes made of the skins of endangered species that belong to the catalogue of endangered wildlife species ("Red Book") of ...

Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 (53 of 1972).

The text of the Act is divided into 9 Parts: Preliminary (I); Authorities to be Appointed or Constituted Under the Act (II); Hunting of Wild Animals (III); Protection of Specified Plants (IIIA); Sanct...

Wild Life (Transactions and Taxidermy) Rules, 1973.

No licensee shall acquire, receive, keep in his control, custody, or possession, any specified animal or any animal article, trophy, uncured trophy or meat derived therefrom without permisison of the ...

Wild Life (Stock Declaration) Central Rules, 1973.

Every manufacturer of, or dealer in, animal articles or every dealer in captive animals, trophies, or uncured trophies, or every taxidermist shall, within fifteen days from the commencement of the Wil...