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Decision No. 36 on professional licensing for managing forests and pastures.

The Decision defines the authority of the General Department of Forests and Pastures, under the Ministry of Agriculture and Food, to create a commission to issue professional licences in the field of ...
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Decree-Law No. 213/90 establishing the legal regime governing breeders' rights in new plant varieties.

This Decree-Law establishes the legal regime governing breeders' rights in new plant varieties. Breeders' rights may be accorded solely in respect of those plant varieties which, according t...
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Decree No. 380 of 2000 to amend the Decree to regulate the exportation of fish and fish products.

The Export Committee for Fish, established under section 5, shall be principally an advisory body to the Department of Fisheries and be responsible for registration under section 1. The section here a...
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Council Directive 79/373/EEC on the marketing of compound feedingstuffs.

Member States shall prescribe that compound feedingstuffs may be marketed only if they are wholesome, unadulterated and of merchantable quality. They shall also prescribe that compound feedingstuffs m...
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Council Directive 90/642/EEC on the fixing of maximum levels for pesticide residues in and on certain products of plant origin, including fruit and vegetables.

This Directive shall apply to products within the groups specified in the Annex, in so far as products in these groups may contain certain pesticide residues. The list of pesticide residues concerned ...
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Wildlife Management Act No. 114.

The purpose of this Act is to ensure the species and singular stock of wildlife, and create a basis for proper management of wildlife resources and in particular: to protect wild animals, especially i...
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Council Regulation (EEC) No. 2262/84 laying down special measures in respect of olive oil.

Each producer Member State shall, in accordance with its legal structure, set up an agency for the purpose of carrying out certain checks and duties in connection with the olive oil production aid sch...
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Land Law No. 7501.

The State grants land to natural or legal persons who then enjoy the right of ownership and all other accompanying rights envisaged by this Law. The sale and purchase of land is prohibited. Agricultur...
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Law No. 7693 on City Planning.

This Law defines the general rules of the establishment and architecture of the buildings in the whole territory of the Republic of Albania, except for agricultural land. Local authorities are respons...
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Ministerial Decree No. 1044 of 1999 regarding local branches of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation.

The purpose of this Decree is guarantee to the local branches of the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation the status of local branches of a Federal Department (Federal Authority). F...
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