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Decision No. 251/1998/QD-TTg on the ratification of the Program for Developing the Export of Aquatic Products up to 2005.

This Decision of the Prime Minister ratifies a program for the development of the fish industry and exportation of aquatic products valid until the year 2005. It defines also the objectives of the Pro...
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Circular No. 02/1999/TT-BM guiding the re-exportation of log timber with a lawful import origin from Cambodia.

This Circular of the Ministry of Trade concerns the permission to re-export timber originating form natural or planted forests of Cambodia by all enterprises that hold business registration certificat...
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Plant Quarantine Decree of 1978 (No. 1433).

The importation and/or introduction into the Philippines of plants, plant products, soil, packing materials of plant origin may be subject to such quarantine orders, rules and regulations as may be pr...
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Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972 (53 of 1972).

The text of the Act is divided into 9 Parts: Preliminary (I); Authorities to be Appointed or Constituted Under the Act (II); Hunting of Wild Animals (III); Protection of Specified Plants (IIIA); Sanct...
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Wild Life (Transactions and Taxidermy) Rules, 1973.

No licensee shall acquire, receive, keep in his control, custody, or possession, any specified animal or any animal article, trophy, uncured trophy or meat derived therefrom without permisison of the ...
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Wild Life (Stock Declaration) Central Rules, 1973.

Every manufacturer of, or dealer in, animal articles or every dealer in captive animals, trophies, or uncured trophies, or every taxidermist shall, within fifteen days from the commencement of the Wil...
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Wild Life (Protection) Licensing (Additional Matters for Consideration) Rules, 1983.

For the purposes of granting a licence referred to in sub-section (1) of section 44 of the Act (dealings in trophies and animal articles), the Chief Wild Life Warden or the authorized officer, as the ...
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Instruction of the Ministry of Forestry regarding promotion of willdife protection (No.551 LN/KL).

This Instruction of the Ministry of Forestry, in order to implement provisions of the Law on Forest Protection and Development of 1991, proposes a variety of measures to protect wildlife in Vietnam, i...
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Sri Lanka Tea Board Act (No. 14 of 1975).

There shall be established a Tea Board as a body corporate under section 2. The Board shall promote, by measures, as it thinks fit, the development of the tea industry in Sri Lanka. It may: regulate t...
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Decree of the Minister of Forestry and Estates No. 558/Kpts-II/1998 on the import and export of plantation seeds into and outside the territories of the Republic of Indonesia.

This Decree proposes to regulate the external trade in seeds and parts of plants used for propagation. The importation of seeds requires a permit of the Minister of Forests and Plantations, and import...
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