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Decree No. 62/1999/ND-CP promulgating the Regulation on flood diversion and slowing in the Red River system to protect the safety of Hanoi capital.

The Regulation here carried into effect has as its main objective the diversion and slowing of water of the Red river system and the prevention of flooding, especially of Hanoi. The programme measures...
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Republic Act authorizing the sale of marshy lands or lands under water bordering on shores or banks of navigable lakes or rivers (No. 293).

The provisions of section 61 of Commonwealth Act No. 141 to the contrary notwithstanding, marshy lands, and lands underwater bordering on shores or banks of navigable lakes or rivers which are covered...
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Grassland Law of the People's Republic of China.

This Law is enacted with a view to improving the protection, management and development of grasslands and to ensure their rational use; to protect and improve the ecological environment, to modernise ...
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Directive No. 17/2000/CT-TTg on coping with flooding in the Mekong River Delta.

As a response to serious floods early this year which caused great damage to rice crops, this Directive instructs People's Committees of the Province in the area affected and ministries and centr...
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Protection of Plant Varieties and Farmers' Rights Act, 2011 (No. 53 of 2001).

This Act creates the framework and regulates in detail the protection of rights relating to the breeding of new varieties including the conservation, selection and improvement of farmers' varieti...
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Rules for the Regulations on Protection of New Varieties of Plants (Forestry Part).

These Regulations aim to protect new varieties of plants in China. The State Forestry Administration shall receive and examine applications for rights in new varieties of plants. The variety rights ho...
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Seeds and Seedlings Law.

This Law aims to promote the distribution of seeds and seedlings and the breeding of plant varieties. It provides regulations relating to the labelling of designated seeds and for a system relating to...
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Plant Variety Protection and Seed Act (Law No. 83 of 1998).

This Law aims to promote the breeding of plant varieties and the distribution of seeds in Japan. It provides a system relating to the registration of plant varieties and protection of new plant variet...
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Seeds and Seedlings Law Enforcement Order.

This Enforcement Order specifies the plant species that are limited to those cultivated to produce their fruit body (sect. 1). The list contains 22 plant varieties and is relevant to agricultural, for...
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Plant Breeders' Rights Ordinance (2000).

An Ordinance to provide for granting of property rights to the plant breeders for the development of new plant varieties. Section 3 establishes a Plant Breeders' Rights Office which shall be resp...
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