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Law No. 41 of 10 October 2006 on Forest Guard

The aim of this Law is to regulate the Forest Guard in order to protect forests. It is composed of 4 Sections divided into 28 articles. Section I deals with the following matters: terms and definition...
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Resolution No. 300/T of 5 December 2006 issuing the Implementing Regulation of Law No 41 of 10 October 2006 on the Forest Guard.

This Implementing Regulation is composed of 19 articles. Article 1 defines badges of the Forest Guard. Article 2 deals with transport means of the Forest Guard. Article 3 pertains to the establishment...
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Resolution No. 24/Tof 2008 on environmental tourism.

The aim of this Resolution is to regulate the environmental tourism. It is composed of 16 articles and 1 Annex. Article 1 gives terms and definitions. Articles 3 and 4 deal with establishment of a com...
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Resolution No. 1 of 1973 on the transportation licences and authorizations forms used for purposes of the Department of Forestry and Soil Conservation issued according to article 90 of Agriculture Law No. 20 of 1973.

This Resolutiun is composed of 7 articles and 5 Annexes: Form of firewood use (A); Form for authorization of transportation (B); Form of licence for firewood sale and forestry products (C); Form of pr...
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Law No.3 of 1984 on Agricultural Land Reclamation.

This Law consisting of 56 articles divided in V Sections aims at establishing a land reclamation project to irrigate the land and prepare it for being cultivated. The Minister of Irrigation in agreeme...
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Forestry Law No.10 of 2012 of Iraqi Kurdistan region.

This Law consisting of 27 articles aims at organizing the management, protection, maintenance and improvement of forests; increasing green space; protecting the environment and reducing the effects of...
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Forests and Woodlands Law No. 30 of 2009.

This Law, consisting of 27 articles divided in IV Sections, aims at preventing deforestation to protect waterways and springs. The purpose is to create a balance between protecting the environment and...
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Agriculture Law No.13 of 2015.

This Law consisting of 73 articles divided in XIV Sections aims at re-organizing agriculture sector in the Kingdom of Jordan. The Ministry of Agriculture shall regulate, organize and develop the agric...
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Law No. 195 of 2000 amending penalties and fines provided for in Forestry Law of 1949.

This Law is composed of 15 articles. Article 1 amends Paragraph 1 of Article 14 as the following: “the products of the State forests shall be sold only by public auction except in case the value of th...
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Legislative Decree No. 82 of 1962 amending Legislative Decree No. 86 of 1953 on the creation of the Forest Guard Corps.

This Legislative Decree amends Legislative Decree No. 86 of 30 September 1953 as follows: Annex I attached to Legislative Decree No. 86 of 1953 shall be replaced by the two Annexes attached to this Le...
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