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Drought and flood mitigation strategies

Gland, Switzerland | 31 Dec 1999 Literature
Téléchargement: [ WCC_2000_REC_95_EN.pdf ]

Living with water in a climate-changed world: Will federal flood policy sink or swim

Portland, OR , USA | Literature

In the Eye of the beholder: Network location and sustainability perception in flood prevention

Chichester, UK | Literature

Flooding the Fifth Amendment: The National Flood Insurance Program and the 'Takings' Clause

Newton Centre, MA, USA | Literature

The Need and Justification for Maintaining Transboundary Flood Regimes: The Africa Case

Albuquerque, NM, USA | Literature

Sustainable water use in Europe Part 3: Extreme hydrological events: Floods and droughts

Copenhagen, Denmark | 31 Dec 2000 Literature

Combating flooding by planning: Some Dutch experiences

Zürich, Switzerland | Literature

Adapting to climate change: Environmental law in a warmer world

Berkeley, CA, USA | Literature

Forest fires and floods: European Parliament Resolution adopted at 7 September 2006

New York, NY, USA | 31 Dec 2006 Literature

A survey of international law relating to flood management: existing practices and future prospects

Albuquerque, NM, USA | Literature