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Water Law No.3 of 2002.

This Law, consisting of 44 articles divided in XI Sections, aims to develop and manage the water resources, to increase capacity, to improve quality, to preserve, and to protect them against pollution...
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Irrigation Law No. 6 of 1962.

This Law, consisting of 20 articles, aims at regulating irrigation activities and protecting water resources. Responsible body for public irrigation activities is the Minister of Agriculture, assisted...
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Ministry of Water Resources Law No. 50 of 2008.

This Law, consisting of 16 articles divided in 4 Chapters, aims at establishing the Ministry of Water Resources and creating the legal and technical framework for institutionalization of water resourc...
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Palestinian Local Authorities Law No.1 of 1997.

This Law consisting of 40 articles aims at organizing the system of local Government and unifying its legal framework. The Law lists twenty-seven fields of activity under municipal responsibility, and...
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Law No. 41 of 2006 amending some articles of Water Law No. 33 of 2002.

The present Law amends the Water Law. In particular, Section III (Organization, management and planning of water resources) trasfers to the Ministry of Water and Environment the powers of the General ...
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Water Law No.77 of 2018.

This Law, consisting of 112 articles divided in 10 Sections, aims at regulating, developing, and rationalizing the exploitation of water resources, and protecting them from depletion and pollution and...
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