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Water Resources Administration Act (C.C.S.M. c. W70).

This Act provides for the Minister, through the Water Resources Branch (sect. 2(1)), to manage and administer matters under the direction administration and control of the executive government of the ...
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Ministerial Decree No. 727 regulating basin councils.

This Ministerial Decree establishes and regulates the activity of basin councils that shall be set up within the boundaries of basin districts. Basin councils shall have as their purpose the elaborati...
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Conservation Districts Regulation (Man. Reg.14/88).

The present Act implements the Conservation Districts Act (C-175). In particular, it refers to section 3 dealing with the Conservation Districts Commission.Subject to the approval of the Commission ar...
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Manitoba Floodway and East Side Road Authority Act (C.C.S.M. c. F133).

Section 2 of the above-mentioned Act establishes the Manitoba Floodway Authority. The Manitoba Floodway Authority's mandate is to: a) expand the capacity of the floodway; b) ensure that the expan...
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Floodway Designation Regulation (Man. Reg. 126/2006).

The present Regulation enacts the Manitoba Floodway Authority Act (now entitled the Manitoba Floodway and East Side Road Authority Act). Section 2 establishes that for the for the purposes of the defi...
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Order No. 169 of the Ministry of Natural Resources validating the Instruction on complex management and protection of water bodies.

This Order establishes the modalities for elaborating complex schemes to manage and protect waterbodies in order to: (a) determine permissible anthropogenic impacts on water bodies; (b) calculate long...
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Ministerial Decree No. 883 on the elaboration, validation, implementation and modification of water management plans.

This Ministerial Decree stipulates that water management and conservation plans shall be elaborated for each river basin and shall present data on the state of water bodies and their management, and o...
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Decree No. 6 of the State Technical Supervision Service validating the Regulation on the safety of waterworks used to store liquid industrial waste.

This Decree establishes the modalities for operating storage facilities for liquid industrial waste subject to inspection by the State Technical Supervision Service. This Decree shall be mandatory for...
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Protection Policy for Lakeshores, Riverbanks, Littoral Zones and Floodplains (c. Q-2, r. 35).

The present Regulation enacts the Environment Quality Act. The objectives of the Regulation are: 1) to ensure the sustainability of bodies of water and watercourses, and to maintain and improve their ...
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Drinking Water Protection Regulation (B.C. Reg. 200/2003).

The present Regulation enacts sections 48 and 49 of the Drinking Water Protection Act. In particular, the Regulation lays down provisions relating to water quality standards. The text consists of 15 s...
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