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Law No. 5254 on granting seeds to needy farmers.

The objective of this Law which includes 15 articles and 1 supplementary article is to authorize the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to provide and distribute seeds to needy farmers. Those w...
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Decree-Law No. 364/98 establishing the obligation to draw up a map concerning urban areas subject to flood risk.

This Decree-Law establishes the obligation to draw up a map concerning urban areas subject to flood risk. It consists of 5 articles establishing the requirements to be satisfied by the Municipal Plans...
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Decree-Law No. 21/98 creating the Comission for Reservoir Management.

This Decree-Law creates the Comission for the reservoir management under the Ministry of Environment. It consists of 12 articles establishing composition, duties and competencies of the aforementioned...
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Ordonnance relative au Fonds pour le financement de la politique de l'eau (1).

L'article 2 établit qu'il est créé un Fonds pour le financement de la politique de l'eau. Il a pour mission d'intervenir dans le financement de la politique de l'eau et d&#039...
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Barrow Drainage Act, 1927.

As soon as may be after the passing of this Act the Commissioners shall prepare a draft scheme of arterial drainage for reducing flooding on the River Barrow and its tributaries and for the carrying o...
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Barrow Drainage Act, 1933.

If, at any time or times before the expiration of the first local financial year next after the 31st day of March following the date of the final award, the Commissioners are of opinion that the Barro...
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Waterworks Law.

The present Act lays down provisions on waterworks in the Canton of Uri. In particular, it applies to public surface waters and to the water police. Waters are to be dealt with in such a way that wate...
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Water Resources Law.

The purpose of the present Law ist to regulate the flood control system, the water police, the use of water and water supply system. In particular, it deals with the following matters: public waters, ...
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Arrêté du Gouvernement de la Région de Bruxelles-Capitale déterminant les missions des services du Gouvernement transférées à l'Institut bruxellois de gestion de l'environnement en exécution de l'article 68 de l'ordonnance du 20 octobre 2006 établissant un cadre pour la politique de l'eau.

L’article 1er de l’arrêté susvisé établit que le Gouvernement confie à l'Institut Bruxellois de Gestion de l'Environnement les missions supplémentaires suivantes: 1) la gestion des cours d&#...
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Order No. 251 on fluvial harbour waterworks.

The present Order consists of 14 sections dealing with: (1) general provisions (sect. 1); (2) basic requirements for its implementation (sect. 2); (3) maintenance works (sect. 3); (4) general organiza...
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