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Decree No. 62/1999/ND-CP promulgating the Regulation on flood diversion and slowing in the Red River system to protect the safety of Hanoi capital.

The Regulation here carried into effect has as its main objective the diversion and slowing of water of the Red river system and the prevention of flooding, especially of Hanoi. The programme measures...
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Forest Law No. 6831.

This Law sets forth the basic forestry legislation. The boundaries of protection forest are determined and declared to the surrounding villages. The conditions, principles and periods of designation o...
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Decision No. 384 of 1990 concerning implementation of the Law of the Republic of Armenia about property in the Republic of Armenia.

The contents of this Decree are strictly limits to carrying into effect of the Law on Property. It regulates the relationships of the Law with other legislation and provides for matters of transitiona...
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Decree to implement the Act relative to pledges and mortgages.

Chapter III of the Act provides for matters relating to security on movable items. Section 3 of the present Decree, implementing provisions of section 9 of Chapter III, defines "economic activiti...
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Registration of Title Act, 1964.

This Act consists of 127 sections divided into 5 Parts: Preliminary and general (I); Land registry, registers, registering authorities and jurisdiction (II); Registration of ownership (IV); Devolution...
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Law of the Republic of Georgia on Ownership.

Article 1 sets out the principles of ownership in Georgia. In realisation of his rights, the owners shall not cause damage to the environment. Objects of ownership include land, fauna and flora, water...
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Law on the privatization of State-owned Enterprise in the Republic of Georgia.

Privatization of State-owned enterprises is allowed in all sectors of the economy (art. 3). The privatisation shall be managed by a lead agency named the State property management Committee (art. 4). ...
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Decreto Nº 24 - Reglamento de ejecución del Plan para la recuperación de la productividad de suelos.

El presente Decreto aprueba el Reglamento de ejecución del Plan para la recuperación de la productividad de suelos del Ministerio de Agricultura, que está integrado por los programas de fertilización ...
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Decreto Nº 466 - Modifica el Decreto Nº 24, Reglamento de ejecución del Plan para la recuperación de la productividad de suelos.

El presente Decreto modifica el Decreto Nº 24 de 1997, entre otras cosas, sustituyendo la frase "Plan para la recuperación de la productividad de suelos" por "Programa para la recuperac...
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Land (Survey and Measurement)(Sixth Amendment) Act, 1989.

Section 2 (definitions) is amended by adding definitions of "survey and measurement", and "registered records". Section 7 is completely rewritten It provides for the circumstance i...
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