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Impacts of Chemical Pollution on Small Cetaceans

Decision   in Biodiversity
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Establish the Advisory Committee

Decision   in Biodiversity

Research and Conservation Actions in the Extension of the Agreement Area

Decision   in Biodiversity
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Law No. 8435 on annual fees to be paid for performing fishing activity.

This Law lists the fees to be paid according to different fishing activity. For foreign vessels authorized to fish within Albanian waters the fees will be twice than those for Albanian vessels. Fishin...
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Regulation No. 26 of 1999 of the Federal Fisheries Committee of the Russian Federation regarding the modifications and the additions to the Statute of Functioning of Ministerial Hierarchical Informational and Analytical System of Water Biodiversity" [ Informational system "Fisheries"].

This Regulation validates and puts into effect from 1 January 1999 amendments and additions to the Statute of Functioning of Ministerial Hierarchical Informational and Analytical System of Water Biodi...
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National Agricultural Advisory, Education and Research Authority Act, 1977.

There shall be established a body to be known as the National Agricultural Authority to perform the functions given to it by this Act. The Authority shall have the general functions, subject to the pr...
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Regional Act of 17 July 1989, No. 43 approving the plan for the rationalization and development of marine fisheries and aquaculture in the Lazio Region.

This Act aims at promoting the enhancement of fisheries and aquaculture in the Lazio Region. Therefore the Region will help fishery associations and cooperatives and will finance scientific research. ...
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Marine Institute Act, 1991.

A body to be known as Foras na Mara and in the English language as the Marine Institute shall be established on establishment day under section 3. The Institute shall undertake, coordinate, promote an...
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Ordonnance sur la protection des animaux (OPAn).

Cette ordonnance porte la réglementation relative à la protection des animaux. Le texte est formé par 77 articles divisés en 12 chapitres: Prescriptions générales concernant la détention des animaux (...
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Act No. 68 of 2000 relative to charges on development and research in relation with fishery and other marine operations.

The aim of this Act is to strengthen the financing of if research and development of new techniques and adjustment to environmental requirements of the marine industry. The Department of Fisheries may...
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