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Resolution No. 188/1 of 1998 declaring the area of the Araqa River a protected area.

In conformity with Laws No. 667 of 29 December 1997 and Law of 8 July 1939 on the protection of panorama, landscapes and natural localities, this Resolution decrees the course of the Araqa River a nat...
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Decree No 2366 of 2009 defining the Comprehensive Plan for Lebanese Territory Arrangement.

This Decree is composed of 3 Parts divided into 12 articles and 3 Annexes. Part I considers the Comprehensive Plan for Lebanese Territory Arrangement as the general guiding framework of urban planning...
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Water Law No.3 of 2002.

This Law, consisting of 44 articles divided in XI Sections, aims to develop and manage the water resources, to increase capacity, to improve quality, to preserve, and to protect them against pollution...
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Regulation No. 24 on the development of the Wadi Rum Area.

This Regulation is composed of 12 articles. Articles 1 and 2 contain definitions and terms. Article 3 lists duties of the Authority of the Zone which are to: (1) develop the Wadi Rum Area by promoting...
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Regulation No. 22 on the Aqaba Marine Park.

This Regulation is composed of 14 articles. Articles 1 and 2 contain terms and definitions. The Park's perimeter extends north to the Marine Science Station, south to the Public Security Officers...
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Republican Resolution No. 275 of 2000 creating protected zones for the development in the Socotra Islands Group.

This Resolution consists of 5 Chapters divided into 21 articles: Terms and definitions (I); Objectives (II); The division of Socotra Islands Group (Socotra, Samha, Darsa, Abd Alkory and all small isla...
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Irrigation Law No. 6 of 1962.

This Law, consisting of 20 articles, aims at regulating irrigation activities and protecting water resources. Responsible body for public irrigation activities is the Minister of Agriculture, assisted...
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Environmental Protection Law No. 42 of 2014.

This Law aims at: protecting and maintaining the natural balance of the environment and its resources; combating the pollution and its damages, at both short and long term; banning any party whatsoeve...
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Forests and Woodlands Law No. 30 of 2009.

This Law, consisting of 27 articles divided in IV Sections, aims at preventing deforestation to protect waterways and springs. The purpose is to create a balance between protecting the environment and...
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Ministry of Water Resources Law No. 50 of 2008.

This Law, consisting of 16 articles divided in 4 Chapters, aims at establishing the Ministry of Water Resources and creating the legal and technical framework for institutionalization of water resourc...
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