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Decree No. 62/1999/ND-CP promulgating the Regulation on flood diversion and slowing in the Red River system to protect the safety of Hanoi capital.

The Regulation here carried into effect has as its main objective the diversion and slowing of water of the Red river system and the prevention of flooding, especially of Hanoi. The programme measures...
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Decision No. 245/1998/QD-TTg on the exercise of State managerial responsibility of various levels concerning forests and forest lands.

This Decision of the Prime Minister aims at clearly defining the responsibility of Central and local State authorities in relation to the management of forests and forest land, and the protection us s...
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Joint Circular No. 28/1999/TT-LT guiding the implementation of Decision No. 661/QD-TTg of July 29, 1998 of the Prime Minister on target tasks, policy, and organization in the implementation of the project of planting 5 million new hectares of forests.

This joint Circular of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development defines targets, guiding principles and tasks of various agencies involved in relation with the pro...
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Forest Law No. 6831.

This Law sets forth the basic forestry legislation. The boundaries of protection forest are determined and declared to the surrounding villages. The conditions, principles and periods of designation o...
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Order of the Chairman of the Council of Ministers urgent measures to stop immediately deforestation (No. 90-CT).

This Order decrees drastic measures to stop further damage to forest resources: the Ministry of Commerce and Tourism and the Ministry of Forestry shall at once stop the issuance of export licenses for...
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Ley Nº 13.273 - Ley de defensa de la riqueza forestal.

Quedan sometidos a las disposiciones de la presente ley: a) los bosques y tierras forestales que se hallen ubicados en jurisdicción federal; b) los bosques y tierras forestales de propiedad privada o ...
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Decreto Nº 24 - Reglamento de ejecución del Plan para la recuperación de la productividad de suelos.

El presente Decreto aprueba el Reglamento de ejecución del Plan para la recuperación de la productividad de suelos del Ministerio de Agricultura, que está integrado por los programas de fertilización ...
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Decreto Nº 466 - Modifica el Decreto Nº 24, Reglamento de ejecución del Plan para la recuperación de la productividad de suelos.

El presente Decreto modifica el Decreto Nº 24 de 1997, entre otras cosas, sustituyendo la frase "Plan para la recuperación de la productividad de suelos" por "Programa para la recuperac...
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Decreto Nº 193 - Reglamento General del Decreto Nº 701 de 1974, sobre fomento forestal.

El presente Decreto aprueba el reglamento general del Decreto Ley Nº 701 de 1974, sobre fomento forestal, cuyo texto fue reemplazado por el Decreto Ley Nº 2.565 de 1979 y modificado por la Ley Nº 19.5...
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North-West Frontier Province Protection of Trees and Brushwood Act, 1949.

"Brushwood" includes woody plants, fruit-trees, and other small trees. Section 3 requires persons possessing information regarding offences too report to the police. Section 4 provides for j...
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