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Resolution No. 1983/1 of 1965 regulating the fishing in the freshwater.

This Resolution is composed of 10 Chapters dividfed into 33 articles. Terms and definition (Chap. I). Fishing methods and gear (Chap. II): nets, explosives, poison and electricity (art. 2); fishing ve...
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Resolution No. 15 of 2005 on procedures for obtaining or renewing fishing licences.

This Resolution lays down procedures for the obtainment or renewal of fishing licences. The present Resolution is composed of 9 articles and 1 Annex. Article 1 provides for the creation of the Registe...
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Law No. 2 of 2006 regulating fishing, exploitation and protection of aquatic organisms.

This Law is composed of 6 Sections divided into 78 articles. Section I gives terms and definitions and defines aims and objectives of this Law, in particular to: protect aquatic livings and marine hab...
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Ministerial Decision No. 32 of 2005 issuing amendments to the Implementing Regulation on the Law of Marine Fishing and Protection of Living Aquatic Resources.

This Ministerial Decision amends the Implementing Regulation on the Law of Marine Fishing and Protection of Living Aquatic Resources by adding to article 28 the following text: “Fishing using Duabi (a...
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Resolution No. 35 of 1994 issuing the Implementing Regulation of Law No. 11 of 1992 regulating award loans to farmers and fishermen.

This Resolution consists of 4 Chapters divided into 21 articles. Chapter 1 gives definitions and terms. Chapter 2 defines steps and procedures for awarding loans. Chapter 3 deals with general and spec...
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Law No. 4 of 1983 on the exploitation and conservation of living aquatic resources in Qatar.

The Law applies to fishing in "inland waters, sea-bed and subsoil of the State of Qatar (art. 2).
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Implemented Regulations No. 2 of 1985 of the Law on the exploitation and conservation of living aquatic resources in Qatar.

These Regulations are divided into 6 Parts: Definitions (I); Regulation of Fishing (II); Conservation and Development of Living Aquatic Resources (III); Conservation, Transportation and Marketing of L...
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Fishing Regulation in Saudi Arabia.

This Regulation is composed of 3 Parts: Artisanal Fishermen's Boats (I); Modern Fishing Boats (II); Licences and Permits (III). Provisions of Part I and II specify technical requirements for trad...
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Resolution No. 1881/W of 1979 amending Resolution No. 138/T of 1978 on closed season for drag net.

In accordance with the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 30 of 25 August 1964 concerning the protection of aquatic life, and on the basis of Resolution No. 460 of 1965 regulating fishing in brackis...
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Implementing Regulations of the Act on Fishing, exploitation, and protection of the marine life in the territorial waters of Saudi Arabia issued by Resolution No.21911 of 1988.

The Implementing Regulations is composed of 10 Sections divided into 125 articles: definition and terms (sect. I); general provision (sect. II); use and exploitation of living aquatic resources includ...
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