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Decree prohibiting the sale and importation of certain food made from pigs or poultry raised in Belgium (No. 308 of 2000).

The scope of this Decree is to prohibit placing on the market or importation in Norway of food products specified in article 1 if they are made of animals that are reared in Belgium in the period afte...
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Decree to regulate hunting for minke whales (No. 312 of 2000).

This Decree lays down rules for the correct hunting of minke whales. The principal rule that no unnecessary harm or pain shall be inflicted to the animals is worded in section 2. Article 2 prohibits t...
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Decree to amend the Decree relative to animal health requirements in relation with the importation of animals of the equine species (No. 315 of 2000).

The Decree aims at the prevention of diseases affecting tame and wild animals of the equine species including zebras, donkeys, and crossbreeds. It established requirements for importation and exportat...
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Decree to amend the Decree relative to maximum residue limits for veterinary preparations in foodstuffs of animal origin (No. 323 of 2000).

This Decree amends the list of Community legislation which specifies maximum residue limits being part of the EEA Agreement (Annex II). It also makes amendments to the principal Decree with respect to...
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Decree No. 316 of 2000 to amend the Decree to regulate fishing for blue whiting in the EU Zone and the zone of the Faeroe Islands, the international waters, the Norwegian economic zone, and the fishery zone of Jan Mayen for vessels which are licensed to trawl for blue whiting in 2000.

The maximum allowable catch in the EU zone is fixed at 12.000 tons.
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Decree relative to incentives for organized use of pastures (No. 344 of 2000).

The scope of the Decree is to promote the most efficient use of pastures for the grazing by cattle, sheep, goats, etc. in outlying lands. Article 2 defines the application sphere of the Decree, wherea...
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Decree No. 350 of 2000 to establish a general temporary exemption form the Decree relative to maximum residue limits for veterinary preparations in foodstuffs of animal origin.

This Decree contains a list of Community legislation in which substances are specified that are granted a general exemption from maximum levels of residue. Thse substances are to be approved by the EU...
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Decree relative to waste water from minor drainage systems.

This Decree concerns outflow from sewerage or drainage systems of houses, and other small tenements. It provides for the handling of applications for sewerage systems by municipal authorities. The cap...
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Decree No. 1592 of 1999 to prescribe requirements for satellite-tracking devices which shall be used on board of fishing vessels.

This Decree of the Directorate of Fisheries requires Norwegian vessels that have installed satellite equipment to meet requirements regarding radio equipment, requirements regarding satellite tracking...
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Directive relative to carrying out of fishing for bottom fish in fishery zones of Greenland in 2000 (No. 358 of 2000).

The Decree, here implemented, prohibits fishing by vessels flying the flag of Norway in fishery zones of Greenland (ICES areas Va, XII and XIV and NAFO subarea 1). However certain specified quotas of ...
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