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Decision of the Prime Minister Approving the Biodiversity Action Plan for Vietnam.

This text contains rules to implement the provisions of the Environmental Protection Act recently approved by the National assembly, and it implements principles and provisions of the Convention on Bi...
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Beach Control (Licence Fees)(Validation) Act, 2000 (No. 5 of 2000).

Section 18 of the Beach Control Act authorizes the Natural resources Conservation Authority with the approval of the Minister to make regulations providing for the imposition of fees and charges for s...
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Ley de navegación.

Todos los buques mercantes nacionales y los extranjeros en aguas venezolanas, territoriales o interiores, están sometidos a esta presente Ley. Las disposiciones o estipulaciones contenidas en los trat...
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Decree No. 412/70 creating Overseas Provinces jurisdictional areas within coastal zones, river estuaries and harbours.

This Decree creates Overseas Provinces jurisdictional areas within coastal zones, river estuaries and harbours. It consists of 15 articles establishing new competencies to be given to the port authori...
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Notification of the Ministry of Environment and Forests regarding coastal zone regulation.

The Central Government hereby declares the coastal stretches of seas, bays, estuaries, creeks, rivers and backwaters which are influenced by tidal action (in the landward side) up to 500 metres from t...
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Notification No. III amending the Coastal Regulation Zone Notification.

Some State Governments have drawn attention of the Central Government to the difficulties being faced by the local people and also for construction of essential facilities in the coastal zone. This No...
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Coast Protection Act, 1963.

The council of a county may investigate, where they consider it expedient to do so, any proposals for coast protection works within the county under section 2. On receipt by the Commissioners from the...
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Resolución Nº 397/00/DCG - Lineamientos para desarrollo de estudios de impacto ambiental relacionados con proyectos para operaciones de dragado en área acuática.

La presente Resolución dispone que cualquier organismo, institución, empresa o industria que esté considerando efectuar operaciones de dragado en un área acuática (mar o cualquier otro cuerpo de agua)...
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Coastal Regulation Zone (Amendment) Notification.

A new definition of High Tidal Line is introduced: "For the purposes of this notification, the High Tide Line means the line on the land up to which the highest water line reaches during the spri...
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Federal Law No. 187-FZ of 1995 on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation.

The continental shelf of the Russian Federation includes the seabed and subsoil layers of submarine areas laying beyond the boundaries of the territorial sea of the Russian Federation throughout the l...
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