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Migratory Species and Climate Change

The unique way of life of migratory animals, be it birds, marine or terrestrial mammals, fish, marine turtles, or insects, illustrates like no other phenomenon the connectivity of ecosystems across th...
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Transboundary Wildlife Conservation in A Changing Climate: Adaptation of the Bonn Convention on Migratory Species and Its Daughter Instruments to Climate Change

Abstract: Species migrating across boundaries represent the classic case for international cooperation in biodiversity conservation. Climate change is adding fresh challenges to such cooperation, on a...
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Climate Change Vulnerability of Migratory Species

  The Zoological Society of London (ZSL) has conducted research for the UNEP Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) into the effects of climate change on species protected under the convention.  ...
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The Greening of Water Law: Managing Freshwater Resources for People and the Environment

This publication was developed by the Division of Environmental Law and Conventions of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in cooperation with the International Water Law Project. It was d...
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UN Bonn - Shaping a Sustainable Future

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Protocol on Sustainable Forest Management

The Protocol on Sustainable Forest Management to the Framework Convention on the Protection and Sustainable Development of the Carpathians was adopted on 27 May 2011 by the Third Meeting of the Confer...
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Sustainable coral reefs management

4/13 Sustainable coral reefs management The United Nations Environment Assembly, Recalling General Assembly resolution 65/150, “Protection of coral reefs for sustainable livelihoods and development”, ...
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Plant health and environmental protection

Plant health and environmental protection are closely related. This factsheet examines the key issues and how they are linked to the International Plant Protection Convention's (IPPC) work.
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The Status of Coral Reefs in the Red Sea and Gulf of Aden: 2009

This report presents data from 2008 survey. A total of 36 sites (5 in Djibouti, 8 in Egypt, 3 in Jordan, 9 in Saudi Arabia, 4 in Sudan, 7 in Yemen) were chosen by PERSGA and national team experts. The...
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Guidelines for Compensation Following Damage to Coral Reefs by Ship or Boat Grounding (Part 1)

This report provides historical records of ship grounding incidents and the current legal  framework in each of the PERSGA member countries and then proceeds to suggest a  framework for establishing c...
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