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Decision No. 224/1999/QD-TTg approving the Aquaculture Development Program for the 1999-2010 period.

This Decision of the prime Minister concerns the development of the aquaculture industry in Vietnam and approves the Aquaculture Development Programme for the years to come until 2010. It states the o...
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Decision No. 20/2000/QD-BTC issuing the table of charge and fee rates for aquatic resources protection.

Aquatic resources protection fees and rates, specified in the Schedule to this Decision of the Ministry of Finance, shall be paid by Vietnamese and foreign organizations and individuals conducting &qu...
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Commission Decision 92/532/EEC 1992 laying down the sampling plans and diagnostic methods for the detection and confirmation of certain fish diseases.

The sampling plans and diagnostic methods for the detection and confirmation of infectious Haematopoietic Necrosis (IHN) and Viral haemorrhagic Septicaemia (VHS) are laid down in the Annex to this Dec...
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Regional Act No. 19 setting out the rules for the protection of hydrobiological resources and of fish population and providing for in internal and maritime waters fisheries in the Veneto Region.

The purposes of this Act are the protection of fish population in the Veneto Region and the regulation of the fisheries and aquaculture activities in maritime waters, established under Presidential De...
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Government Regulation No. 2.752 amending many articles of Government Regulation No. 1.977, regulating aquaculture and freshwater fishing.

This Government Regulation amends many articles (and the annex) of Government Regulation No. 1.977 of 10 May 1960, regulating aquaculture and freshwater fishing. The new articles deal with the require...
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Regional Act No. 16 providing for the development of aquaculture and fishery sector.

This Act regards the development of aquaculture and of the fishery sector in the Calabria Region. For this purpose, the Region may grant financial contribution to associations of producers, to coopera...
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Regional Act of 17 July 1989, No. 43 approving the plan for the rationalization and development of marine fisheries and aquaculture in the Lazio Region.

This Act aims at promoting the enhancement of fisheries and aquaculture in the Lazio Region. Therefore the Region will help fishery associations and cooperatives and will finance scientific research. ...
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Resolución Nº 1.406 - Procedimientos para visación de documentos que acrediten el origen de las especies.

La presente Resolución establece el Sistema de visación documental para la acuicultura (Sistema SIVA), para acreditar el origen de los recursos hidrobiológicos provenientes de centros de acuicultura y...
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Framework Act on Marine Development.

The purpose of this Act is to contribute to the development of the national economy and the improvement of the national welfare by providing the direction of the Government's basic policy necessa...
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Fish Inspection Ordinance.

The present Ordinance regulates the examination of fish products before placing them on the market and related controlling measures concerning certain substances and products, as well as the residues ...
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