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Sea Law No. 4/96.

The Law of the Sea specifies the requirements to be satisfied in order to perform maritime activities and navigation within the waters under Mozambican jurisdiction. This Law consists of 8 chapters de...
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Presidential Order to define the extent of the territorial waters for the purposes of aviation and control thereof.

The Greek Republic, having regard to articles 2 and 9 of Law No. 5017 to regulate civil aviation and upon recommendation of the Minister of Aviation, has resolved and decreed as follows: The extent of...
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Continental Shelf Act.

"Continental shelf" means the sea bed and subsoil of those submarine areas adjacent to the coasts of the islands of Solomon Islands but beyond the territorial limits of Solomon Islands, to a...
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Decree-Law No. 47.771 implementing Act 2.130 establishing the territorial sea baseline.

This Decree-Law establishes the new territorial sea baseline. It establishes the geographical coordinates in order to calculate the new baseline of the territorial sea under Mozambican jurisdiction. T...
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Maritime Zones of Maldives Act (No. 6/96).

This Act makes provision in respect of the internal waters, territorial sea and contiguous zone and the exclusive economic zone of Maldives. Section 2 defines "internal waters. Section 3 introduc...
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Sea Boundaries Proclamation 1997.

Section 9 of the Sea Boundaries Act gives the power to the President of Nauru to declare, by Proclamation, baselines and other lines for purposes of determining the limits of the internal waters, terr...
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Continental Shelf Act, 1968.

Any rights of the State outside territorial waters over the sea bed and subsoil for the purpose of exploring such sea bed and subsoil and exploiting their natural resources are, subject to subsection ...
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Maritime Jurisdiction Act 1959.

For the purposes of this Act, the territorial seas of the State shall be that portion of the sea which lies between the baseline and the outer limit of the territorial seas (sect. 2) and the outer lim...
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Maritime Jurisdiction (Amendment) Act, 1964.

Section 6 of the Principal Act, which defines "baseline" is hereby amended by the substitution of "line every point of which is at a distance of twelve nautical miles from the nearest p...
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Law of No. 162/95-BP on the Exclusive (Maritime) Economic Zone of Ukraine.

The Legislation on Exclusive (Maritime) Economic Zone of Ukraine consists of this Law and other Legislative Acts of Ukraine regulating the legal status of Exclusive (Maritime) Economic Zone of Ukraine...
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