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Regulation No. 24 on the development of the Wadi Rum Area.

This Regulation is composed of 12 articles. Articles 1 and 2 contain definitions and terms. Article 3 lists duties of the Authority of the Zone which are to: (1) develop the Wadi Rum Area by promoting...
تحميل: [ jor55008.pdf ]

Regulation No. 22 on the Aqaba Marine Park.

This Regulation is composed of 14 articles. Articles 1 and 2 contain terms and definitions. The Park's perimeter extends north to the Marine Science Station, south to the Public Security Officers...
تحميل: [ jor54863.pdf ]

Law on the protection of wild animals and birds (No. 21 of 1979).

This Law is composed of 5 parts and 24 articles: general provisions (part I): implementation monitoring will be entrusted to the "Special Administration" (art. 2); breeding of wild animals i...
تحميل: [ irq9517.pdf ]

Regulation of the Act on the Protected Zone of the Natural Primordial Wildlife issued by the Authority’s Board of Directors No.208 of 2016.

This Regulation consisting of 47 articles divided in X Parts aims at organizing the establishment and management of the protected areas in Saudi Kingdom. It provides for: the establishment of the prot...
تحميل: [ sau165347.pdf ]