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Resolution No. 191 of 20 December 1997 the Revolution Command Council establishing the State Enterprise for Horticulture and Forests.

Establishing the State Enterprise for Horticulture and Forests connected with the Ministry of Agriculture enjoying the jurist personality and the financial and administrative independence. The Enterpr...
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Resolution No. 10/T of 1998 defining the legal and technical violation of veterinary manufactures.

This Resolution is composed of 3 articles. The legal and technical violations of veterinary manufactures shall be defined according to the following: violation of legislative Decree No. 165 of 1952; p...
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Resolution No. 67 of 1993 promulgating Law No. 7 of 1993 establishing the Ministry of Agriculture.

This Law, consisting of 14 articles divided in 3 Sections, aims at re-establishing the Ministry of Agriculture. The Sections are: Establishment and Objectives (I); The Minister (II); and the Organizat...
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Regulation of the National Authority for the Protection and Development of the Natural Primordial Wildlife.

This Regulation is divided into 15 articles. Creation of the National Commission for the Protection and Development of the natural primordial wildlife (art. 1). The principal objectives of the Commiss...
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Resolution No. 188/1 of 1998 declaring the area of the Araqa River a protected area.

In conformity with Laws No. 667 of 29 December 1997 and Law of 8 July 1939 on the protection of panorama, landscapes and natural localities, this Resolution decrees the course of the Araqa River a nat...
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Military Order No. 498 of 1974 on water.

The "Military Governor" of the "Gaza Strip" decrees the competencies of the "Water Officer" who will be nominated by the former's "Order": (a) definition, ...
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Military Order No. 495 of 1974.

This "Military Order" regards the following: authorization system for navigation and fishing; nomination of the "Navigation Officer"; definition of requirements for the issuing of ...
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Regulation No. 25 on the preservation of rivers and public waters from pollution.

This Resolution is composed of 19 articles. Terms and definitions are given in article 1. All rivers and their tributaries, streams, brooks, channels and their main or subordinate branches, drainage c...
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Legislative Decree No. 24 of 1975 amending Legislative Decree No. 8 of 1970 concerning the appropriation of land for public benefit.

This Legislative Decree amends Legislative Decree No. 8 of 1970 concerning the appropriation of land for public benefit as follows: (a) the competencies of the Minister of Municipality and Agriculture...
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Resolution No. 9 of 1976 defining the sanitary requirements for industries and commercial shops producing or trading in foodstuff.

The aim of this Resolution is to regulate the production and trade in foodstuff in order to protect the public health. This Resolution is composed of 13 articles. Articles 1 and 2 define the sanitary ...
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