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Resolution No. 21/H.SH of 1999 defining the requirements for the importation of flour-extra.

The importation of the flour-extra will be allowed on the following conditions: the flour must be free from blemish; insects; bad smell; fustiness; mouldy; maximum of damp 13,5; maximum of ashes 0,50;...
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Resolution No. 3/H.SH of 2000 amending Resolution No. 21/H.SH concerning the importation of flour extra.

This Resolution amends Paragraph B of Article of Resolution No. 21/H. SH of 19 November 1999 as the following: fines will be 1% for damp, ashes, and protein instead of 0,1%. In case of a violation for...
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Royal Decree and the Implementing Regulation No. M/12 concerning the marine scientific research regulations in marine territories of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

This Decree is composed of 19 articles and the application Form. This Regulation shall be applied to all territorial sea both in the Red Sea and Arabian Gulf (art. 1). Terms and definition (art. 2). M...
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Resolution No. 3/T of 1999 defining requirements and conditions for the importation of barley (second class).

This Resolution is composed of 2 articles. Article 1 defines requirements and conditions for the importation of the feedstuff-arley (second class) which are: general conditions (free from diseases, su...
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Resolution No. 147/1 of 2000 amending Resolution No. 90/1 concerning the requirements for the importation of fertilisers.

This Resolution amends Article 4 of Resolution No. 90/1 of 5/4/2000 as the following: Nitrate which contains more than 33,5% of Nitrogen shall be subject to previous authorization mentioned in Paragra...
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Resolution No. 10/T of 1998 defining the legal and technical violation of veterinary manufactures.

This Resolution is composed of 3 articles. The legal and technical violations of veterinary manufactures shall be defined according to the following: violation of legislative Decree No. 165 of 1952; p...
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Resolution No. 22/T of 2000 authorizing the exploitation of the secondary thicket and forestry materials as well as defining the basis for that.

This Resolution is composed of 2 articles. Exploitation of Secondary and subordinated thickets and forests ( leafs, grasses, branches, flowers, roots and fruits) is authorized according to certain rul...
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Implementing Regulation of Forest and Pasture Act.

This Regulation is composed of 20 articles and 2 Forms. Exploitation of the following forests without previous licences is prohibited: forest with land inclination more than 40%; forests useful for st...
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Resolution No. 188/1 of 1998 declaring the area of the Araqa River a protected area.

In conformity with Laws No. 667 of 29 December 1997 and Law of 8 July 1939 on the protection of panorama, landscapes and natural localities, this Resolution decrees the course of the Araqa River a nat...
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Military Order No. 498 of 1974 on water.

The "Military Governor" of the "Gaza Strip" decrees the competencies of the "Water Officer" who will be nominated by the former's "Order": (a) definition, ...
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