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Report - WEEE Deliverables as per the Work Plan for Objectives I and II

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Inventory of PCBs in the Sultanate of Oman
Document   in المواد الكيميائية والنفايات

Law No. 21 of 2005 concerning Consumer Protection.

This Law consisting of 35 articles divided in VII chapters, aims at protecting and safeguarding consumer rights; providing goods and services; preventing manipulation of prices; and ensuring regular e...
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Environmental Control and Inspection System No.65 of 2009.

This Regulation consisting of 15 articles provides for the controls over the facilities to check their compliance with the provisions of law, regulations and instructions to prevent environmental poll...
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Decree No.5246 of 1994 on the organization of the Ministry of Agriculture and identifying its organogram and recruitment conditions in some of its positions and the salaries scale of the technical staff.

This Decree consisting of 133 articles aims at organizing the Ministry of Agriculture. At political and management level it consists of: 1. Directorate General; 2. Coordination and Planning Authority;...
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Health Regulation for Gaseous and Non-gaseous Beverages Industries.

This Regulation, issued by the Ministry of Regional Municipalities and Water Resources, consists of 17 articles and gives health rules and conditions for beverage industries. It provides for: a necess...
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Rules of Implementations for the Regulations of Treated Sanitary Wastewater and Its Reuse.

This Regulation issued by the Ministry water and Electricity and consisting of 26 articles aims to: (i) identify methods and levels of wastewater disposal; (ii) develop standards for safe levels of wa...
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Law No.9 of 2002 with respect to Trademarks, Trade Indications, Trade names, Geographical Indications and Industrial Designs and Templates.

This Law consisting of 57 articles divided in 13 Chapters aims at regulating the duties of the Office for the Protection of Industrial Property at the Ministry of Economy and Trade in respect to Trade...
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Decree No. 167 of 2017 to determine the minutes of application of Article 20 of the Law on Environmental Protection No.444 of 2002.

This Decree consisting of 10 articles aims at establishing the percentage of tax reduction for a number of activities aimed at protecting the environment. In details explains (i) tax cuts for environm...
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