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Resolution No. 1983/1 of 1965 regulating the fishing in the freshwater.

This Resolution is composed of 10 Chapters dividfed into 33 articles. Terms and definition (Chap. I). Fishing methods and gear (Chap. II): nets, explosives, poison and electricity (art. 2); fishing ve...
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Agrarian Reform Law No. 117 of 1970.

This Law consists of 5 Chapters divided into 52 articles: Definition of agricultural ownership (I); Distribution (II); Agricultural relations (III); Agricultural cooperative societies (IV); Miscellane...
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Legislative Decree No. 8 of 1972 on cooperatives.

The aim of this Legislative Decree is to regulate the establishment of cooperatives. This Legislative Decree is composed of 10 Sections divided into 66 articles. Section I deals with the following mat...
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Cooperatives Law.

The aim of this Law is to regulate cooperatives. The present Law is composed of 8 Chapters divided into 69 articles. Chapter 1 contains general provisions. Chapter 2 provides for the establishment of ...
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Resolution No. 30/2T establishing a cooperative for fishermen in the Province of Jabal Lubnan.

This Resolution is composed of 2 articles. It establishes the Fishermen Cooperative in the Port of Albarbara with validity of 99 years and defines its scope, responsibility and foundation capital. The...
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Law No. 31 of 16 November 2005 on Water Legislation.

The aim of this Law is to regulate the use of water. It is composed of 11 Sections divided into 57 articles. Chapter I gives terms and definitions. Chapter II deals with public water in particular: in...
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Resolution No. 35/2T of 2009 establishing a cooperative for the development of fishing in the North Province.

This Resolution is composed of 2 articles. Article 1 decrees the establishment of the Technical Marine Cooperative for Development of Fishing in the Province of North with validity of 99 years and def...
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Resolution No. 159/a.t. establishing a cooperative for the production of milk in the area of Hermel – Beqaa Governorate.

This Resolution seeks to establish a cooperative for the production of milk in the area of Hermel/Governorate of Beqaa with a validity of 25 years. The Resolution defines the main seat of the cooperat...
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Implementing Regulations of the Act on Fishing, exploitation, and protection of the marine life in the territorial waters of Saudi Arabia issued by Resolution No.21911 of 1988.

The Implementing Regulations is composed of 10 Sections divided into 125 articles: definition and terms (sect. I); general provision (sect. II); use and exploitation of living aquatic resources includ...
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Law on Farmers Cooperative Societies (No. 43 of 1977).

The Act consists of 50 articles divided into 13 Chapters: General provisions (1); Purposes and tasks of the society (2); Establishment of the society (3); Administration (4); Finance and accounts (5);...
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