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Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Act 1989.

The objectives of this Act are: (a) to institute, for the purpose of giving effect to Australia’s obligations under the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol, a system of controls on the manufac...
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Measures for Management of Environmental Inspection and Testing Institutions.

These Regulations are promulgated pursuant to Section 4 of Article 12 of the Air Pollution Control Act, Section 2 of article 22 of the Water Pollution Control Act and article 2 of the Organic Act for ...
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Petroleum (Safety Measures) Act 1984, No. 302.

This Act has been adopted to make rules intended to ensure safety in the transportation, storage and utilization of petroleum. The Act is composed of the following eleven Parts: (I) Preliminary; (II) ...
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Air Pollution Control Rules and Regulations - Chapter 1 of Title 22 of the Guam Administrative Rules and Regulations.

These Rules concern the control of air pollution in Guam.
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Administrative Chemical Control Order for Ozone Depleting Substances (No. 18 of 2000).

This Order regulates and restricts the sale, import, export, use, manufacture, processing, transport, storage, etc. of ozone-depleting substances.
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Enforcement Decree of the Clean Air Conservation Act.

This Decree implements provisions of the Clean Air Conservation Act.
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Ozone Layer Protection Act, 1996 (Act No. 40 of 1996).

This Act, consisting of 5 Parts and three Schedules, aims at protecting the environment from adverse effects resulting from human activities which modify or are likely to modify the ozone layer, elimi...
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Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations, 1978.

These Regulations make provisions for the prevention and control of air pollution.
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Environmental Quality (Clean Air) (Amendment) Regulations, 2000.

The Environmental Quality (Clean Air) Regulations are amended by deleting the definition of “open burning” in regulation 2, by deleting regulations 11, 12 and 13, by deleting the word “11” in regulati...
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Environmental Quality (Refrigerant Management) (Amendment) Regulations, 2004.

Regulation 4 of the Environmental Quality (Refrigerant Management) Regulations 1999 is amended by substituting for the words “or refrigeration system” the words “refrigeration system, vehicle air cond...
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