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Law governing sanitary production and handling of foods of the People's Republic of China.

This Law is enacted to ensure that food for the consumption by the public meets hygienic standards, and to prevent contamination or other hazards to health in relation to food. It applies to all foods...
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P.U.(A) 437/85 Food Regulations 1985.

These basic Food Regulations consist of 10 Parts and 27 Schedules. They apply to any food in Malaysia prepared, produced or packaged for export.
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Japanese Agricultural Standard of Organic Agricultural Product Processed Foods (Notification No. 60).

The purpose of this standard is to define the criteria of production methods of the organic agricultural product processed foods. Organic processed foods are defined as agricultural product processed ...
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Quality Labelling Standard for Processed Foods (Notification No. 513).

This Notification concerns quality-labelling standards for processed food in Japan. Processed foods are defined as 'foods manufactured or processed' (art. 2). Article 4 covers the method of ...
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Decision No. 21/2001/QD-TTg ratifying the National Strategy on Nutrition for the 2001-2010 Period.

The Strategy here ratified has as its overall objective to improve markedly nutrition in Viet Nam by the year 2010, with a priority of all mothers and children, to create more balance in food rations ...
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Food Act (B.E. 2522).

This Act provides for various matters relative to food safety and hygiene, food production, trade in food, and administration of these matters. The Act consists of 8 Chapters divided into 78 sections,...
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Enforcement Decree of the Food Sanitation Act.

This Decree implements provisions of the Food Sanitation Act.
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Food (Safety) Amendment Regulations, 2007.

These Regulations amend the Food (Safety)Regulations, 2002.
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Act for Salt Iodization Nationwide (ASIN) (Republic Act No. 8172).

This Act requires the addition of iodine to all salt intended for animal and human consumption in order to eliminate micronutrient malnutrition in the country.
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Implementing Rules and Regulations of Republic Act No. 8172 for Salt Iodization Nationwide.

These Rules and Regulations implement Republic Act No. 8172 in order to achieve the following objectives: to contribute to the elimination of iodine deficiency disorders; to require salt producers/man...
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