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Forest Produce Transport Rules 1975.

These Rules shall apply to the whole North-West Frontier Province except the Hazara District. All transport of timber, firewood, or other forest produce obtained form reserved forests, protected fores...
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Establishment of Sale Depots and Sawing Units Rules, 1975.

No person shall establish or maintain a depot or saw mill unless the depot or mill is registered with the Office of the Forest Division in which the depot or mill is situated. The Officer in charge ma...
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Decision No.02/1999/QD-BNN-PTLN issuing the Regulation on Exploitation of Timber and Forests Products.

The Regulation provides for State management of exploitation of timber and other forest products of natural forests and planted forests, excluding exploitation in special-use forest areas (art. 2). Ex...
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Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 957/Kpts/lk.120/12/96 Re Use of Fishing Vessels Carrying Foreign Flags on Hiring Basis.

This Decree sets out the conditions for the use of hired foreign fishing vessels in Indonesia. An Indonesian fishing company shall possess the necessary fishing operations licences. Vessels of eight h...
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Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 60/Kpts/Ik.120/2/96 re the Granting of Licences for the Import of Fishing Vessels.

Since short, the domestic purchase of fishing vessels as well the import of fishing vessels or fish carriers is allowed. This Decree specifies import licences granted to Indonesian companies. These co...
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Fisheries Regulations 1998.

These Regulations implement provisions of the Fisheries Act 1997 with respect to registration and licensing of fishing vessels and some matters of miscellaneous character.
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Fisheries Regulation (Chapter 214).

These Regulations relate to fishing within the territorial waters of Papua New Guinea and consist of 9 sections; Interpretation (1); Persons licensed to engage in fishing (2); Fishing boat licences (3...
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Government Regulation No. 141/2000 Re Second Amendment to Government Regulation No. 15/1990 on the fishery business.

Article 1 of Government Regulation No. 15 is completely reprinted so as to insert provisions regarding Indonesian fishing and fish transportation vessel licences (SIKPII) and foreign fish transportati...
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Marine Resources (Licensing and Regulation of Fishing Vessels) Regulations 1995.

The Marine Resources Regulations 1995 consist of 55 sections divided into 8 Parts, i.e.: Local fishing (I); Sport fishing (II); Foreign fishing (III); Locally based foreign fishing (IV); Authorization...
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Decree of the Minister of Agriculture regarding fishing business licensing (No. 815 of 1990).

Article 4 specifies the qualifications a fishing company shall possess in order to obtain a permission to carry out fishing business using production facilities specified in the license. It further sp...
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