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Land Development Act, B.E 2526 (1983).

In this Act "land development" means any act done to soil or land in order to increase its richness or quality, or to increase agricultural produce, and includes the improvement of soil or l...
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Republic Act authorizing the sale of marshy lands or lands under water bordering on shores or banks of navigable lakes or rivers (No. 293).

The provisions of section 61 of Commonwealth Act No. 141 to the contrary notwithstanding, marshy lands, and lands underwater bordering on shores or banks of navigable lakes or rivers which are covered...
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Republic Act creating the Bureau of Soil Conservation, defining its powers, duties and functions (No. 622).

The Bureau of Soil Conservation shall have a headed by the Director of Soil Conservation, to be appointed by the President. All the divisions, sections, field activities and agencies of the Government...
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Law of the People's Republic of China on Water and Soil Conservation.

This Law is formulated for the purpose of the prevention and control of soil erosion, the protection and rational utilisation of water and soil resources, the mitigation of disasters of flood, drought...
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Act to Prevent Soil Contamination on Agricultural Land (No. 139 of 1970).

The Law aims at the prevention of the production of agricultural crops and livestock which may be harmful to the human health or may interfere with the cultivation of crops helpful for the protection ...
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Sub-decree on the management/administration the use of agricultural lands.

This Decree is divided in the following Chapters: I, General provisions; II, Use and Administration of the Lands; III, Penalties; IV, Final Provision. It provides for the rational use and administrati...
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Offshore Minerals Regulations 2002.

These Regulations implement the Offshore Minerals Act 2000 by providing specifications on licences, the ballot procedure, record keeping and on the restoration of the environment in mining areas. ...
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Soil and Groundwater Pollution Remediation Act.

This Act is enacted to prevent soil and groundwater pollution, to ensure sustainable use of the land and groundwater resources, to improve the living environment, and to enhance public health. It cons...
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Commonwealth Recycling Act of 1999 (P.L. 11-112).

This Act grants the power to the Division of Environmental Quality, the authority to develop Advance Disposal Fees (ADFs) for specific materials deemed viable for diversion. The Division is authorized...
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Decision No. 159/2008/QD-TTg approving the Scheme on technology renewal and modernization in mining industry up to 2015 with a vision to 2025.

This Decision approves the Scheme on technology renewal and modernization in the mining industry in order to raise production efficiency and minimize environmental pollution and natural resource waste...
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