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Executive Order establishing the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PRPI) (No. 1061).

There is hereby established a body corporate to be known as the Philippine Rice Research Institute. The Institute shall develop a national rice research program so as to sustain and further improve th...
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Circular No. 05/2000/TT-BTM guiding the implementation of the Prime Minister's Decision No. 242/1999/QD-TTg of 30 December 1999 on the management of goods export and import in 2000.

This Circular of the Ministry of Trade prescribes a list of goods banned from exportation and importation and a list of goods the trading of which requires a permit of the Ministry of Trade. It also c...
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Agricultural Chemicals Regulation Law (Law No. 82 of 1948).

The purposes of the Law are to conduce to stabilisation the agricultural production for the protection of people's health and of the environment. The Law aims to minimise the utilisation of pesti...
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Presidential Decree No. 1144 creating the Fertiliser and Pesticide Authority and abolishing the Fertiliser Industry Authority.

The fertilizer and Pesticide Authority ("FPA") is hereby created and attached to the Department of Agriculture for the purpose of assuring the agricu ltural sector of adequate supplies of fe...
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Rice and Corn Production Act of 1958 (Republic Act No. 2084).

This Act declares it the national policy to attain self-sufficiency in rice and corn at the earliest possible time and to provide adequate measures to ensure permanent stability in the production of t...
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Presidential Decree creating the Fertilizer Industry Authority (No. 135 of 1973).

In order to create more government participation and control of the production and sale of fertilizers in Indonesia through a centralised government authority, there is hereby established a fertilizer...
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Presidential Decree NO. 992 creating the National Fertilizer Corporation of the Philippines (FERTIPHIL).

In order to reduce dependency upon importation of fertilizers of the Philippines, a corporation is created with the primary purpose of ensuring that there is an adequate and stable supply of fertilize...
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Circular of the State Council of the People's Republic of China on Deepening System Reform of Fertiliser Circulation.

State shall adopt new administrative system to manage and support the production and marketing of fertilizer, instead of central planning. China Chemical Import-Export Corporation is entitled the inte...
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Directive No. 29/1998/CT-TTg on strengthening the management of the use of plant protection substances and persistent organic pollutants.

The Prime Minister instructs the Ministries, their branch offices, provinces, and cities under the control of the Central Government to monitor and put an end to the illegal use of dangerous plant pro...
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Decree No. 02/2007/ND-CP on plant quarantine.

This Decree provides for the quarantine of domestic plants and of plants which are imported, exported or in transit in Viet Nam.
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