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National Water Supply and Drainage Board (Amendment) Act, No. 13 of 1992.

Section 25 relating to the erection of public standpipes is completely renewed. A new section (25A) provide for the certification of conformity to prescribed requisites of plumbing and drainage. A new...
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Public Liability Insurance Rules.

These rules implement provisions of the Public Liability Insurance Act by further providing for applications and awrds for relied of damages caused by ecological accidents, powers of the Collector hav...
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Continental Shelf Act.

"Continental shelf" means the sea bed and subsoil of those submarine areas adjacent to the coasts of the islands of Solomon Islands but beyond the territorial limits of Solomon Islands, to a...
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Hazara Forest and Local Government Laws (Amendment) Ordinance, 1978 (No. XVIII of 1978).

The principal Act is amended in various sections by replacing "Hazara District" with the words " with "Hazara Division" or "district concerned in which the forest is situ...
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Water Tax Act, 2023 (1966).

Every person who has a water tap registered in his name shall pay, on a monthly basis, a water tax for water supply. An additional charge is due if the taxpayer defaults on payment of the tax. Section...
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Water Tax Collection Rules, 1975.

Every person who has a water tap installed by the Department of Water Supply and Sewerage, shall pay a water tax for water supply at rates specified in the Schedule to these Rules. The Department may ...
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Forest Products (Sale and Distribution) Rules, 1970.

Rules made under section 26 of the Forests Act, relative to logging and sale of timber. No person shall enter a forest area for purposes of procuring forest products without having obtained a permit o...
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Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Cess Rules, 1978.

For the purposes of measuring and recording the quantity of water reconsumed, every consumer shall affix water meters, venturi meters or orifice meters with integrators and recorders in conformity wit...
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Maritime Zones of Maldives Act (No. 6/96).

This Act makes provision in respect of the internal waters, territorial sea and contiguous zone and the exclusive economic zone of Maldives. Section 2 defines "internal waters. Section 3 introduc...
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Sea Boundaries Proclamation 1997.

Section 9 of the Sea Boundaries Act gives the power to the President of Nauru to declare, by Proclamation, baselines and other lines for purposes of determining the limits of the internal waters, terr...
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