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Land (Survey and Measurement)(Sixth Amendment) Act, 1989.

Section 2 (definitions) is amended by adding definitions of "survey and measurement", and "registered records". Section 7 is completely rewritten It provides for the circumstance i...
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Implementation measures of the Sichuan Province on the "Land Administration Law of the People's Republic of China".

These measures propose to strengthen land administration, the protection of land rights, and to improve utilisation of land in Sichuan. Chapter I provides for administration of land. The local governm...
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Decision No. 145/1998/QD-TTg on the policy of management and use of forests planted with financial assistance of the World Food Program (PAM).

This Decision of the Prime Minister concerns so-called PAM forests, i.e. forests planted with the World Food Program aid capital. It outlines principles of management and use of such forests and lays ...
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Agriculture Law of the People's Republic of China

This Law enacts principles for the agriculture development, management and preservation in China. "Agriculture" as mentioned in this Law means crop-plantation, forestry, animal husbandry and...
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Sub-Decree on the delegation of authority to sign on land ownership, transfer of land ownership, and building constructions in Phnom Penh.

This Decree confers the right on the Royal Governmental Delegate to the Phnom Penh Municipality to sign on landownership, land transfer, and building construction in Phnom Penh. In the event of his ab...
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Decree on the implementation of the Land Law.

Article 3 of this Decree further elaborates the concept, introduced by article 3 of the Law, of administration by the State of all land that is in ownership of the national community. Individuals are ...
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Decree No.60/cp on the Right of Property on Premises and Land Use Right.

A Decree to provide for ownership, allotment, use, registration of residential land and houses by citizens of Viet Nam and leasehold by foreigners, and in relation to this the assignment of title, the...
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Regulations for the implementation of the Land Administration Law of the People's Republic of China (98).

These Regulations issued in implementation of the Land Administration Law, provide for (A) registration of landownership and land-use rights; (B) the systematic surveying of lands, land-use planning, ...
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Land Titles (Amendment) Act (No. 25 of 2001).

This Act amends the Land Titles Act (Chapter 157, 1994). Unregistered land of whatever tenure may be registered upon application to the registrar (sect. 19). The amendment includes detailed provisions...
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Protection of Tenants (Special Provisions) (Amendment) Act.

The amendments include changes to provisions concerning damage to premises or amenities and the Common Amenities Board. Where the Commissioner directs the Common Amenities Board shall repair any damag...
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