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Measures of Shanghai Municipality on the compensatory transfer of land use rights.

These Measures are formulated in order to give impetus to all-round reform and the opening up of China to foreigners, to reform the land use system, to try out and provide rules for a system of compen...
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Regulations on land-use management for foreign investment enterprises in Jiangsu province.

The present Regulations are made so as to enhance the management of land use by the equity or non-equity joint ventures and wholly foreign-owned enterprises and to encourage foreign investment in the ...
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Decree No.60/cp on the Right of Property on Premises and Land Use Right.

A Decree to provide for ownership, allotment, use, registration of residential land and houses by citizens of Viet Nam and leasehold by foreigners, and in relation to this the assignment of title, the...
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Order No. 23/2003/L-CTN on the promulgation of Land Law No.13/2003/QH11.

The Law includes 146 articles divided into seven Chapters: General Provisions (I). State's rights to land and State management over land (II), divided into the following Sections: Compilation and...
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Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

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Chapter 4 of Title 41 of the Pohnpei State Code - Ownership, Registration, And Conveyance.

This Chapter provides for selected matters relating to ownership of immovable property. Subject to certain exceptions, it declares that only citizens of the state of Pohnpei or corporations wholly own...
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Chapter 2 of Title 57 of the Trust Territory Code - Land Ownership Generally.

This Chapter places restrictions on the holding of land by foreigners in the State of Chuuk. It prescribes that only citizens of the Trust Territory or corporations wholly owned by citizens of the Tru...
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Chapter 1 of Title 29 of the Yap State Code - Yap State Mortgage Act of 1987.

This Act makes provision with respect to the creation of mortgages and consequences of such mortgages. The purpose of the Act is to establish a system of mortgage law in Yap State which will induce le...
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Leases Restrictions (Amendment) Regulations 2006.

These Regulations amend the Leases Restrictions Regulations 1977 by inserting new provisions concerning criteria to be applied by the Tribunal in a decision on any application for approval of a lease,...
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Land Code (Chapter 40).

This Act regulates the administration and management of land ownership.
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