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Water Resources Management Act 2008.

This Act makes provision for the management, conservation and use of water resources in Samoa including coastal waters where freshwater accumulates or discharges and is mixed with seawater.
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Environment Protection Act 2008 (Cap. 30.25).

This Act makes provision for the protection and management of the environment in Tuvalu. “Environment” includes all natural, physical and social resources and ecosystems or parts thereof, people and c...
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Ozone Depleting Substances Regulations 2010 (L.N. 3 of 2010).

These Regulations, made under the Ozone Layer Protection Act, provide for the control of and aim at the reduction of the manufacture, importation, exportation, use, sale and movement of ozone depletin...
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Ozone Layer Protection Act (Cap. 30.30).

This Act makes provision for the control of ozone-depleting substances. It gives effect to the Tuvalu's obligations under the Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer and the Montreal Pro...
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Fisheries (Coastal Communities) Regulations 2009.

These Regulations make provision with respect to coastal communities referred to in Schedule I and special management areas designated therein to each coastal community. The Regulations set out the bo...
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Environment Protection (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2014.

These Regulations provide rules for (preliminary) environmental impact assessment and establish the Environmental Assessment Task Force. A preliminary environmental assessment report shall be prepared...
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Regulation of Sichuan Province on rural poverty alleviation and development.

The aim of this Regulation is to regulate the rural poverty alleviation and development in SichuanProvince. The Text consists 61 Articles divided into 9 Chapters: General Provisions(I); Objects of pov...
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Regulation of President of the RI No. 1/2014 establishing the Guidelines for Compiling General Plan on National Energy.

This Regulation, consisting of 6 Chapters and 1 Annex, establishes the Guidelines for Compiling General Plan on National Energy (RUEN). The objectives of this Presidential Regulation cover: preparatio...
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Tuvalu Seabed Minerals Act 2014 (No. 14 of 2014).

This Act provides rules for prospecting, exploration or mining of seabed minerals within Tuvalu’s national jurisdiction or exploration or mining of seabed minerals in the area under Tuvalu’s sponsorsh...
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Seabed Minerals (Prospecting and Exploration) Regulations 2015.

These Regulations, made by as an Order in Executive Council by the Queen’s Representative under 332 of the Seabed Minerals Act 2009, provides rules for prospecting, exploration or mining of seabed min...
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